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golden-retriever…and so I’ve decided to go ahead and post the preview of Woman’s Best Friend, since I’m anxious to share. You can access it via the new link under “Short Stories” to the right.

If you like what you read so far, I’ve now added a form to request the full text of each new story. In the past I have just mass emailed them to everyone I think might be interested, but this is very unsatisfying.

For one thing, I feel like I’m spamming people. I hope that everyone on the send list is interested, but I don’t really know.

For another, it gives me no idea how many people actually read something. I usually get 2 to 3 replies several weeks later with suggestions for improvements (always welcomed), even if I sent the story to 40 people or more.

This way, you only get the stories you request, and each time you do, I get the encouragement of knowing you liked the first half. I think it’s win/win. (Unless the website collects dust for two years and no stories are ever requested…but then again…that should tell me something, too, right?)

Woman’s Best Friend is currently 4,306 words, well beyond my original goal at 3,000, and is about two scenes from being finished (95% or so).

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  • Mr. Snuggles

    I will read it soon, and give the best feedback possible. I have the matter of an all important football game on Sunday.

    A question, open to all. What is the best way to give feedback? General comments about the story are of course easy, but I am thinking of how your teachers used to make comments with red ink. I guess I will try to save the document, and then put comments in bold letters or italics? Would that be acceptabele?

    Also, Jason, you know I’m not a great literary giant, so I will purposefully try to find fault/suggestions with everything possible. Please don’t think I am trashing your work, just throwing whatever suggestions and thoughts up against a wall, and hoping something sticks in your mind. Some things might seem stupid, but I will try to make you think with at least a some of my commentary.

    Anyway, glad you are writing, and I hope this site helps you become very productive. Has the wife posted yet? Under some name? If not, let’s hear a word or two from her. The woman that took my place as your greatest love. Or did she? wink wink…lol.

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  • Jason R. Peters

    Megan has not yet posted at all.

    When I mentioned your challenge as my greatest love (particularly given your involvement with my career-developing website and her lack thereof), she replied, “I have breasts. Very lovely breasts. Stephen doesn’t have breasts!”

    I replied, “I see. Then you want me to judge each relationship based on the quality of each person’s breasts? Because I can SO do that.”

    She recanted her premise and promises to participate soon.

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