Woman’s Best Friend: What we know so far

The Bad

There are a number of missing words…11 or so. It’ll be nice to get these corrected before the story is submitted for publication.

I used the wrong version of “emergency” (oops).

Some transitions have gotten mixed reviews.

The Good

I made a few corrections prior to sending it out — the things I corrected have not been named as concerns, so this makes me think 1. the corrections worked and 2. they weren’t obvious (or jarring).

The best thing I’ve heard so far is that this story kept people guessing. In truth, I was afraid it would be too predictable, given the title.

Still Wondering

Hopefully (nobody has stated this explicitly), this means the story was also suspenseful.

My #1 goal writing WBF was, “Write something suspenseful.” I hope that it was also a little scary.

I haven’t decided where to submit it yet. It clearly isn’t right for Analog or Asimov’s, my first two submissions went to Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy is always requesting more sci-fi…this might fit that request but I doubt it. I could try and outright horror magazine, but my fear would be that this story isn’t scary enough for an outright ‘horror’ audience.

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  • Mrs. R

    Based on one of your previous posts, would you be able to submit it to a general publication, rather than genre-specific one?

  • Jason R. Peters

    I doubt it. Remember that Stephen King and Dean Koontz were first published in sci-fi mags.

    I’m saying this story isn’t right for Analog based on Analog’s current standards, which request a plot device such as a future invention crucial to the telling of the story. Perfect Justice fits that requirement, but Woman’s Best Friend doesn’t.

    We’ll dig out the Writer’s Market 09 tonight and spin the writer’s career Roulette Wheel of Hope.

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