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I don’t have any personal writing news to report. I’ll be honest, work is kicking my butt. We had a snow day Tuesday (I worked a half-day anyway), but it only hurt me in the long run, because everybody and his third cousin then had meetings to reschedule, plus which the setups for Wed never happened and I had to perform them myself.

I’ve been mentally and physically beat by the time I get home, no desire to write or blog or do work of any kind. Just play video games and be lazy.

So I’ll cheat a bit and talk about the real news. We have a new president.

Despite my right leanings, I like Obama. He’s (so far) made good on his promises at bipartisanship. The things that scare me the most are the shoutouts he gives to global warming. Does ANYONE who believes in global warming EVER look at a graph of world tempatures before mankind even existed? Much less before the creation of the automobile? It gives new meaning to the phrase, “drop in the bucket” and the word, “anthropocentric” (not to mention “arrogant”).

I fully enjoyed the inauguration, and it’s nice to see so many people united behind a common ideal. Poor GW. What a convenient scapegoat, in spite of the fact he maintained a higher approval rating than Democratic congress. There’s a CNN video you should watch of the inauguration’s satellite images which shows just how many people were there. It’s mind-blowing.

And a little frightning. When talk show hosts refer to Obama as the Chosen One, it’s not necessarily him they’re making fun of; it’s the people who believe that from day 1 of a new administration, it’s going to be candy rainbows for everyone. Oh please.

My biggest worry is that Obama will get a swelled head, and forget that millions of people didn’t drive and fly to DC to see him personally based on any individual accomplishment of his own. He didn’t compose the music that was played or write the constitution that was honored. Nor has he actually done any of the things his strongest supporters elected him to do. If he does, I’ll be impressed. He’s not a nobel peace prize winner. (Even though that particular award has become rather meaningless.)

On the subject of global warming, if it were a real man-made threat every bit as dire as we’re told, the believers in it would stop using all manner of waste-producing transportation and lifestyle entirely if they had any conscience at all. No planes, no cars, no air conditioning, no computers. That would be the level of sacrifice necessary to stop the threat they describe. Minor legislation here and there won’t do squat when your major highways are in gridlock day after day by those evil people who (you guessed it) have to get to work. You want to make a real difference? Shut down buses and taxi companies and big rigs and computer corporations and the factories which make our cars and furniture and food.

You want to see real progress for mankind? Hunt squirrels in your back yard with a tool you fashioned yourself and cook by campfire.

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  • Brandon

    I don’t think you should worry about Obama getting a big head. I think he’s aware that a great many people worked very hard to put him there and that he owes them. The only way he can repay is by not letting us all down (those of us with realistic aims, anyway). Also, given the emotions built up during the election year, he will get a public earful should he make any big blunders. On the flipside, his supporters will be applying constant pressure in positive directions because he’s made himself more accessible than any previous candidate. Based on his speeches, the strongest feeling I get is that he listens, carefully, and that he cares about making things right for all involved parties. That makes me trust him and as you said, that trust isn’t based on any previous accomplishment of his. It’s like the way I would trust you to do just about any job even though you aren’t technically qualified for most jobs; I know you’ll listen to me and others, you (may) give constant feedback (yay for weekly videos!) and you’ll admit when you were wrong. I’ll take an open-faced thinker like that over someone stuck to their idealogical compass needle.

    Regarding global warming, your logic is pretty flawed although I can’t give you a mathematical proof or anything. Pre- and early-history death tolls by wanton world leaders probably dwarf most current humanitarian crises. Obviously that isn’t the standard we use to determine if a given murder is worth caring about.
    It’s also often said it is easier to change the system from within that from without. If Gore did as you said, what difference would he make? None. As you said, a drop in the bucket. So no, the diehard believers should NOT do as you say. The crisis of global warming isn’t that the problem today is dire and we must come to a dead stop. Its arguable whether or not warming is caused by all these chemicals but the chemical measurements themselves are there. Humans are producing them and they are rising faster and faster. In any responsible long-term (10+ years in this example) view of the ecosystem will conclude that this must change. As populations and corporations expand, the cheapest means of production cannot remain so wasteful. We’re at the forefront of tech, so we have to lead the pack in this regard. Do you plan to start your retirement fund when you hit 50? Those at the forefront of finance (accountant types, regardless of their net worth) started a long time ago and they have wisdome to dispense. So too we cannot wait until it’s too late. I don’t mean ‘too late’ as in polar ice cap water will be over our head and roofs, but too late in the process for the effort to make a difference in time.

  • Jason R. Peters

    Brandon :I don’t think you should worry about Obama getting a big head.

    Of course, the Chosen One wouldn’t make such an obvious human error.

    Brandon :Also, given the emotions built up during the election year, he will get a public earful should he make any big blunders.

    Oh yes, I trust the media implicitly to make Democrats look horrible should they make the slightest misstep, whereas it seems Republican presidents can obviouly get away with anything and still look like heroes on CNN and NBC, which is why GWB is so celebrated worldwide.

    Brandon :Regarding global warming, your logic is pretty flawed.

    I’m very well aware that in the face of liberal opposition, my logic is ALWAYS flawed. If I believed my logic was as faulty as I’ve been told by liberals that it is, I’d hardly be qualified to tie my own shoes, much less apply complex reasoning and strategy to games like chess, othello, starcraft, or WoW pvp.

    I’ve been so clearly flawed so many times I no longer trust up and down, left and right, black and white, or traffic lights.

    If Gore did as you said, what difference would he make? None. As you said, a drop in the bucket. So no, the diehard believers should NOT do as you say.

    Of course they should. If Gore as ONE PERSON stops using fuel and heat and air conditioning and computers and movie theaters and furniture and food, yep, that would be a drop in the bucket. If ALL cultists global warming activists behaved that way, we might see a real dent in this crises.

    Oh, I don’t believe you’d see any change whatsoever in the earth’s temperature — or rather you WOULD still see changes, just as the earth was changing since the dawn of man. But our carbon footprint would be significantly reduced.

    If a Christian won’t get baptized, how could he possibly expect an unbeliever to get baptized?

    Let’s lead by example, Global Warmongers. Turn off all your fuel and electricity. How can you expect to convert nonbelievers scientifically provide evidence otherwise?

    If the Believers won’t behave, how can you call the skeptics out for not doing x, y, z? It’s hypocritical.

    although I can’t give you a mathematical proof or anything.

    I know.

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