There’s always an excuse

stop-making-excusesThis truly dismays me. Since beginning this site, I fully intended to write, a minimum of once per day, every day. I don’t mean “to blog”, I mean “to write.” Actual rigorous writing, not the stream-of-consciousness commentary I post here.

I haven’t even come close.

What dismays me is discovering there is ALWAYS some excuse — real, plausible excuse — for not writing on any given day. If I had a particularly hard or stressful day at work, I deserve the evening off, don’t I? If it’s date night with my wife, my evening is “booked”, isn’t it? If I visited someone in the hospital over the weekend, that day was “spent doing other things”, right? Or if I have a headache, of course I shouldn’t write…right?

The weird thing is that these things don’t even occur to me as means to “escape” writing. I love to write. Why would I want to avoid it?

But avoid it I do, day after day, time and again.

How does one break this cycle? I’ve tried tying hours typed to money I’m allowed to spend, the amount of video games played, and other motivational factors. None of them have actually increased the amount of time I spent writing, even if they did decrease whatever I was trading myself as motivation.

At least blogging on a near-daily basis keeps me “in practice” writing consistently.

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  • Mr. Snuggles

    I am a procrastinator myself, so who am I to suggest anything? Haha. If you like your story ideas, eventually you will have a thought that will make you want to write. You aren’t a full time writer, so don’t beat yourself up too much. Although, if another story isn’t completed in a week, I have told your cats to bite you in your sleep.

  • Broaddus

    Jason, I feel like writing for you is like alot of past times for people, me included. I like playing WoW, but for some reason or other I can’t always find the time that I want to devote to it. For alot of the same reasons that you have put forth. So it is not that you don’t want to write, but rather, maybe, a little bit of guilt associated with it as you LIKE writing and so it is like you are wasting time, when in fact I am wasting time playing a video game, while you are pursuing your dream. I guess what I am trying to say, is look at writing more how you describe it to others, but not as an activity the is not “productive.”
    Writing isn’t another hobby for you, it is a creative outlet that you value and want to take further, treat it as such. Oh and keep writing on the blog or I won’t have a clue what ius going on.

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