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spore_galaxy_wallpaper_1680px_by_weejewelI ventured back into Spore the other day for the simple reason of refreshing myself for the review of it (below).

Now I’m hooked on it all over again, even after I raked it over the coals for lack of replay value. I expect my enthusiasm to fade again with repetition, at least until the xpac release, but for the time being I’m fully immersed again, and recently uploaded both my 50th vehicle and 50th building designs.

What does this have to do with writing science fiction? Spore lets me design, evolve, animate, and control my own aliens! What the gameplay lacks, imagination supplies.


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  • Mr. Snuggles

    I challenge you to a Starcraft duel!!! Money map, I am Protoss, you are Zerg. No Rush 30. Zach H. will be a wild card player, and can attack one of us. He gets to decide who. Game on!

  • Jason R. Peters

    You want to play no-rush 30 with ME as ZERG? That’s like just bending over.

    Thanks for reminding me to post my review of the Starcraft 2 alpha match game video.

    And I WILL SC you any time you want.

  • Mr. Snuggles

    @Jason R. Peters

    I think I have the original installed, maybe both. I also love AOE 2. At one point we had over 12 people playing the Conquerors Expansion. I love the RTS games. We’ll have to discuss this.

  • Beth

    NO someone should play Tower defense Frozen Throne with me! StarCraft is too slow.

  • Jason R. Peters

    I will gladly WC3 anyone who wants.

    Age of Empires and Empire Earth (all incarnations of both) were fun to tech up in but rather disconnected and imbalanced as RTSs overall.

  • Mrs. R

    Play the Sims?

  • Mr. Snuggles

    I haven’t played Starcraft in ages, so we’d need to start with some comp stomps until I figure it out again. I’ll be around all weekend (and have no football to watch now that my Steelers are World Champions yet again), so maybe we’ll find time to play a little.

  • Jason R. Peters

    @Mrs. R


  • Jason R. Peters

    @Mr. Snuggles

    Take all the time you need to refresh yourself; there’s no way I’m playing comp stomps. Ugh, how could I live with myself?

    Unless by “comp stomp” you meant 7 comps vs me?

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