A Gift to Readers?

giftI’m going to follow Brandon Sanderson’s¬†example yet again, I think. That is, if you approve. Feedback is crucial.

Brandon wrote a free novel to his fans, for no other reason than…so they could read it. It isn’t published by a publisher, it’s available for download directly from his website.

My brother (whose name is also Brandon) suggested I do something akin to this early in the site’s development.

Of course, manuscripts of my work-for-publication are available to friends, family, agents, and editors for free, but they are deliberately kept private and unpublished as I endeavor to have them put into print. They’re stories for sale to magazine editors, not free to public.

I have no delusions that I can boast Sanderson’s readership; his free e-book novel was written only after he’d published a couple of critically acclaimed novels. (But he wrote 11 unpublished novels even before those.)

But I think a “free” project for readers would be an enjoyable project for me in several respects.

  1. It will be one project I can enjoy without the angst of submitting for publication.
  2. It will give me a consistent “writing for an audience” feel which is so much more motivating than just plugging along as though writing is busy-work.
  3. If you like it, and you tell your friends about it, it will give some measure of exposure through the web.

All in all, I like the concept and I’d love to go forward with it.

The remaining question is…what to write?

One of the story ideas already listed? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Horror? You decide. Feel free even to suggest plotlines and characters at this point. Throw something out there, and if I like it, I’ll pick it up and run with it. Just be aware that they will be no royalties for either of us with this one. And of course, if you’re self-conscious about posting your ideas publicly, you can always email them instead.

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    I will try to think of something, and email it to you.

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