Non-fiction Article Sold…Again?

soldLast night I received notice from that another the same article was purchased again by a third-party publisher.

Same circumstances as before; subcontracted for pennies-on-the-dollar of the going rate for freelance articles. We’re talking payment so cheap, the article has sold TWICE and I still don’t meet the “minimum withdrawl” amount at Helium.

So although my work has proven profitable, to Helium in actuality and to two publishers in theory, I haven’t yet made a dime from it.

Still, it’s a thrill to know my work strikes a chord with people. Just a shame that even my marginal successes (so far) come from non-fiction!

The really good news is that I still own the copyright, and as many publishers as desire can buy the same article again, furthermore I can also still submit it to magazines on my own. (Just not for First North American Rights.)

The other cool thing is that this reminded me of a fiction story idea built around the same frustrations I express in this non-fiction piece.

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  • Broaddus

    WOOT! Kinda, I guess. Yeah good job. Seriously though, doyou know who bought the article? Is it worth submitting straight to them at all?

  • Jason R. Peters


    This time, I was given the name of the company, along with dire warnings to respect their privacy and anonymity.

    It certainly wouldn’t be worth trying to sell to that company directly at this point; they have everything they need from me already. And when I went to check out their website, I guarantee you I would NEVER have guessed said company might be interested in such an article.

    Is it worth scouring my Writer’s Market 2009 to find magazines who may want this article for a couple hundred dollars? Yes, I’m beginning to think so.

  • Mr. Snuggles

    I’m going to send you an email about a magazine or two I think you could get published in. The pay is like $300 to $400 an article or something, but the articles they publish are usually just 1,500 words. Pretty good money for something hopefully not too time consuming. But once you are published for money, hopefully some doors will be more easily opened for you in the publishing world.

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