Why in the name of Hyperion’s left elbow would I buy a Mac when…

macpcMac users are always trying to get me to buy a Macintosh product. This alone is bizarre, as though Mac users are proselytizing members of some hardware architecture cult. I certainly don’t approach owners of other brand names trying to convince them that MY television, MY blu-ray player, MY surround-sound system, MY computer (or anything else) is better than theirs, thus they should switch — even if I’m thrilled with my own choice (as I am, for example, with my HDTV and blu-ray player). When someone comes to me for advice, I’m happy to recommend brands I like and caution against others. But by and large what others buy is their own business.

Why Mac users feel differently is beyond my comprehension.

In truth, I would love to own a Mac for no other reason than I could use Garage Band software. Macs, however, (for a lower-middle-class apartment dweller like myself) are cost-prohibitive. Furthermore, I’m a gamer, and Mac gamers have to wait anywhere from 6 months to 2 years for the release of content already available for windows.

I would still be tempted to buy a Mac if not for one thing:

My Ipod doesn’t work like it should.

To see why this doubly concerns me, you need to consider what an Ipod is: Nothing more than a (relatively) small hard drive with a basic operating system/application fit over the top to provide some user interface.

spec-vs-compIn other words, an Ipod is a very small, very simple computer.

It has less parts, no other programs, and doesn’t interact with any peripherals except those which simply duplicate what it’s transmitting. There aren’t multiple drives or power sources or partitians or cables. You don’t need to edit the registry or open a task manager or install additional applications or designate login information.

All things being equal, an Ipod should run easier and smoother than any computer known to man, because it is a simpler device. A single wheel is more likely to function correctly than a whole automobile. A lawnmower is easier to repair than a car. The simpler any object or system, the easier it is to run.

My Ipod is borked six ways from Sunday.

  • Navigating movies often freezes it after the first movie. Only a hard reset will allow me to continue navigating.
  • Sometimes, the Ipod refuses to turn off. It ceases responding to any buttons (including the combination for a hard reset) and the only way to turn it off are to let the batteries drain completely.
  • The Ipod will freeze Itunes during an attempt to sync with a computer.

Furthermore, all of the above problems have been true of at least three different kinds of Ipodmac-vs-pcfats I used, and with each installation of the Ipod and Itunes software each time.

When someone can’t create a working wagon, would you trust them to create a working automobile?

Furthermore, the “Mac vs. PC’ propoganda is hilarious. According to their various commercials and pictures, “PC”s are bloated, disfunctional, and crippled.

Do you know what “PC” stands for?


Do you know what a Macintiosh is?

A personal computer.

pcwiremessYou see, what they’re trying to say is that WINDOWS PCs are everything that is wrong with the world. But they can’t, because it isn’t true, and if they did they’d get sued (and rightfully so). So they keep the generic term now used to refer to Windows and Windows-compatible architecture, but the acronym simply means “personal computer”.

I guess Macs either aren’t personal or else they aren’t computers. Either way, I don’t want one until they can make an Ipod that works.

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  • Mr. Snuggles

    Yeah, the gaming issue is what is most important to me. When someone says “Mac”, I immediately think of a mouse with only one clicker. How am I to zoom in my gun? I’m sure that’s not the case anymore, but it’s stuck in my head.

    I personally have had very few if any dealings with people that push Mac. I would also find it odd if someone were that way. Some Mac users are just the types that like to be different, and they are also convincing themselves that they are right to use a Mac, even as they are trying to convince you. Some people just prefer Mac, and keep quiet about it. That seems to be the way to go.

  • Elibazeth

    I do not believe that I have ever tried to influence you to use a Mac.

  • Elibazeth

    @Mr. Snuggles
    You can get around the mouse problem by using any PC mouse. You don’t have to use the stupid one clickers.

    • Jason R. Peters

      If he’s happy with his current product/system, why would he need to “get around” the “mouse problem” of buying a whole other system?

  • Elibazeth

    This was a miss communication. My purpose in making that comment was to try to say that, as a Mac user, I also think the one click mouse is absurd and use a more conventional mouse.

  • Jason R. Peters

    Ah. My apologies.

  • Broaddus

    As a user of both Macintosh operating system and windows operating system based computers, I have found that for 90% of all computer users it doesn’t matter which one you are using. They both surf the web, check email and wordprocess the exact same when using the same software. I have also found that most (not all) software written for both operating systems tends to work about the same as well.
    Most Apple mice sent out with new systems in the past 3 years have been able to produce a right click, if the optino is turned on in the control panel, however, I do love having 4 or 5 buttons that are present on most Windows mice nowadays.
    From my experience, and it goes both ways, anyone who is avidly anit-mac or anti-pc, or pro-either, is simply being dogmatic for the sake of belonging to an elitist group. My manager is anti-mac to the point that she doesn’t even want to know where the power button is on the new iMacs, who losses in that situation? The student or professor who needs help and I am not here. I also know professors that are so anti-pc that they think simply by logging into a Windows computers gets them on some government watch list. Who loses there? They do, as a windows computer is easier to come by on most college campuses than a mac.

    So in the end I think it has more to do with wanting to learn and keeping an open mind to new experiences than anything else.

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