Sparse Updates

I apologize for the scarcity of new content.

Work is, once again, kicking my hind parts with a vengeance.

I will briefly inform you that I am world building for a new project, a fantasy novel without dragons, or elves or dwarves, or a great prophecy. It’s going to be a standalone novel, not part of a trilogy or series, and it’s going to be my first fantasy work not based in Sortha, the world of Jarus, Torell, Marana, and Lomerell with white and black magic.

In this new world, humans live side by side with the Drim, a race of elemental giants who wield great power, and are considered gods. The Drim are rare; seeing one is considered good luck, and most commoners live and die without ever meeting one. There are priests of the Drim who understand the mysteries of their power, and to whom a few Drim serve as patrons.

The Drim stay out of human affairs. They occasionally grant boons or requests made by their priests, but they do not interfere in matters of love, power, or politics. They avoid human settlements for fear of even accidently destroying something by their great size and power. And the Drim have never been known to cause any harm to a human being.

Until now.

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  • Mr. Snuggles

    I actually like the sound of this new work. Something I think I would be interested in even if I didn’t know you. That’s excellent for a fantasy idea. Keep us posted on it.

  • Jason R. Peters

    High praise from the non- genre fiction reader.

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