Holy unexpected encouragement, batman!

I received the following email this morning:

Hey!  One of my students used one of your articles as a resource in an assignment.  I looked at the reference and was like Jason R. Peters…I know that name!  You know you’ve made it big when people use your work in school assignments 🙂

This is a major milestone in my writing career. Never before have I (knowingly) been cited as a reference. Even if major publishers don’t know it yet, this indicates that I am becoming (if slowly) a player on the literary stage.

Which article was it? Don’t know yet.

What was the paper about? Don’t know.

Did the author of the email recommend you as a reference to her student? No; she was as surprised to see my name listed as I now am.

Just when I think work is about to bury me and my writing career has stalled, I get something like this, which not only gives me fuel to persist, but also puts me back in touch with an old friend. Pure win.

…now back to the day job…

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  • Broaddus

    The only thing I would worry about is the context of the reference… Just kidding, I am sure it will be wonderful.

    • Jason R. Peters

      Yeah, I’ve already been asked a few times whether the paper agreed or disagreed with my article. Either way, it doesn’t matter; being cited for ANY reason is an indication of respectable distribution and clarity of thought which made someone want to respond.

      The only thing which would really bother me is being cited as, “This is an example of poor writing!”

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