“Wheel of Time” conclusion is being split into three books.

wheeloftimeThose of you who have been following along already know:

After Robert Jordan’s wife read the first Mistborn book, she was so impressed she asked Brandon Sanderson to finish the Wheel of Time series.

This initially meant completing just one book, A Memory of Light. However, as Brandon dug his nails into it for real and began to work 16 hour days, he found himself estimating that 400,000 words wouldn’t even nearly finish the book. He and Tor would much like to get Wheel of Time fans a book in 2009, and finishing the WHOLE story (now estimated to take about 800,000 words) will not be possible in that timeframe.

Solution? Split the book.

You can read Sanderson’s own notes on this project and this difficult decision¬†here. I’ll warn you; I think he manages to ramble more in that article than I do, and that’s saying something. But if you’re a Wheel of Time fan, it’s all good stuff to know.

For those who are RJ fans and aren’t yet familiar with Sanderson’s work, be it known that I consider Sanderson the better author.

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  • Broaddus

    Color me… sort of excited? I mean I totally want a conclusion to the story, but as even with all of your glowing words, I have not had a chance to read much of Sanderson’s work…

  • Jason R. Peters

    Ask Mickey/Ayb. He’s read at least Elantris, Sanderson’s first standalone novel.

    He gave it a glowing review just as I did.

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