Come hell or high bathwater

piechart-of-procrastinationMy computer failed yesterday.

I don’t mean that it only performed at 69% desired capacity or lower, I mean it ceased responding to commands of any kind.

Furious, I asked my wife to troubleshoot while my temper subsided over A Song of Fire and Ice (George R. R. Martin). Later, I took up the attempt myself.

The machine will not boot except from a Windows CD, whereupon it will perform one of any number of recovery tasks, and usually stall again…rinse, repeat.

This is the second time this has happened. (I am trying to hang on for Windows 7 before replacing the rig entirely.)

As before, after enough reboots and recoveries, eventually my OS loaded completely. I usually begin my bedtime oblutions about 9:30. It was well after 10:30 before I had a computer again, and I had already felt unhealthy all day.

I wrote my 500 words anyway.

Nor was I displeased with them, although a writer evaluating his own work is kind of like a lens wondering whether it’s in focus… it really depends what the person on the other side wants to see.

FRAGILE GODS is 3% done and should be finished by October 14th, 2009.

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  • Mr. Snuggles

    Did you try soaking the computer in luke-warm water for 15 minutes?

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