I haven’t forgotten you.

Dr. Mr. & Ms. Reader,

I haven’t forgotten you.

Illness has kept me mostly bedridden except for general house-puttering. I have missed a week of work due to illness: Both my day job and my night job (writing).

No Dream Job

Did you know that novelists don’t get any paid sick-time? Unless, that is, you make enough on royalties that you can live off of them entirely whether you sell another project. But that falls into “independently wealthy” territory, rather than “working as a novelist” to make ends meet.

Only 1% of novelists ever turn a profit.

So far, I’m part of the other 99%. This is unacceptable. Just being an A+ student won’t get the job done in this case; I must rise above those who themselves excel.

Daunting? I don’t care.

Dear readers, please accept my apology for the break in writing. Though still under the weather, I am back in the office.

The first 50% of FRAGILE GODS will be ready for my Alpha Readers soon.

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  • Mr. Snuggles

    Hope you get to feeling better. I like coming to the site and reading your stuff.

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