ASK JASON ANYTHING: How do I party like Jason R. Peters?

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Today’s question:

How do I party like Jason R.?

While this question relates to a very specific, memorable event with its own complex set of high and low points, it speaks to a broader aspect of my personal philosophy.

The asker posed the question after seeing me, a normally fairly reserved individual, fling myself at high velocity into all manner of hijinx. This was asked tongue-in-cheek because don’t seem like the guy to party with abandon. I get to work early, I dress conservatively even in my own home, and I’m fairly bookish.

However, there are times when I believe it is necessary to sink into the moment. This doesn’t mean sacrificing your principles or betraying your own values; on the contrary, you should embrace them more tightly. But most people spend their lives lamenting or idealizing the past and fearing or romanticizing the future. This kind of  introspection is understandable, and even healthy — to a point.

But there are a few times in life where you just shouldn’t worry quite so much about what tomorrow brings, or regret what you did yesterday. You should let go and experience the moment. A clenched fist cannot give or receive, but an open palm can do both. It is the selfish or frightened mind which clings tightly to safety nets. Make your mind like an open palm (an open mind is an open door) and things can be taken from you, yes. When you learn to be okay with that, you will find yourself learning and receiving things you never before thought possible.

How do you “party like Jason R.”? You party like you mean it. In other words, you don’t party as lip service to the person who invited you, or even to yourself. You party like you were given the gift of life from God Himself, fun activities to immurse yourself, enjoyable food and drink, and more good friends to share a moment with than I, at least, deserve.

I believe Dr. Richard Purkey put it best:

“Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth.”

 A lifetime of disappointments and aches and pains have taught us to be cautious. While caution has its place, there is also something to be said for reckless abandon, without which most of mankind’s greatest discoveries would never have happened.

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