Is networking really the answer? Are we really that shallow?

Two of the authors in the Writing Excuses podcast have mentioned they broke in with a boost due to networking.

The last query letter I submitted (and many prior) received a form rejection letter. It can’t be the quality of the story, the work, which they haven’t even seen. It might be the quality of the query letter, but I can correspond professionally. Hell, in my day job, people ask me to help them compose messages so they sound cleaner, easier to read, and more professional.

It might be that the story didn’t grab the agent’s or intern’s imagination, which sometimes happens. But it’s hard to give a story full credit in synopsis. They have a tendency to all sound flat, lame, contrived.


Try to summarize your favorite film or show right now in a few short sentences and see if it wouldn’t sound lame to someone else (assuming they weren’t already a fan).

So what’s the difference between having your query letter read or ignored?

Seems like whether or not you’ve had coffee with the recipient is the key ingredient.

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