Blog Restructuring: You’re going to like it.

Devoted readers, I submit to you that my various ramblings, while entertaining, may appear random and unfocused. For this reason, I am implementing blog patch

In this edition of the website, my commitment to you is to post three times per week; specifically, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

At least once per week, one such post will be a preview of a work I am currently writing. This will help you to follow along with my projects as they develop, and even provide suggestions and feedback to help me hone my craft. This preview will appear on Wednesdays, and will serve as my accountability check that I am still writing.

My previous column, “Ask Jason Anything”, has proven to be too broad, and is being split into two separate columns. On Saturdays, I will post a column called “Research Required”, in which I showcase some of the research a writer must undertake to be successful. User-submitted questions will be valid fodder, but in the absence of any (or if I damn well feel like it), I will instead delve into the research required for my current projects.

On Mondays, I will post the more theoretical part of “Ask Jason”, which is where I explore ethics questions and other matters of philosophy and religion. This will also incorporate some of the elements of “Challenging the Status Quo”, and so the new column will be called, “Entertaining Ethics”.

These changes will tighten the focus of the site to the development of my writing career, while still allowing me to write engaging articles on a myriad of topics. The end result will be that the reader who finds himself entertained by any of the three columns will be able to enjoy the harvested fruits of those seeds by actually reading my work.

Furthermore, this divides the website into three roughly equal portions, which effectively mirror how much labor goes into writing something:

1/3rd composition
1/3rd research
1/3rd theory

However, you’ll soon find that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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