This is mastery.

On page 204 of the paperback version of Eye of the World, Robert Jordan tells you exactly what one of three major characters will do on page 800 of the hardback of book 13, Towers of Midnight, which was outlined and partially drafted by Robert Jordan before his death but posthumously completed by Brandon Sanderson.

That’s roughly 13,000 pages of acute foreshadowing.

And anyone who has read the series will know it’s not a fluke. Seeming innocuous comments from the very first pages will sketch out the future of most characters upon a critical rereading of the series.

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  • Utter mastery. I’m very seldom impressed with someone’s brain holding and manipulating WHATEVER, but D@MN, Robert Jordan, you’re a true master. Drawing from so many cultures and languages and slipping one-word/-clause clues in everywhere that you pass right over, but as you continue to read another single-phrase clue will appear that then makes you wonder… Sanderson tried to continue that, but his were too heavy-handed (that’s not a true criticism — Sanderson’s phenomenal, but we’re talking humans and gods here, or, rather, while Sanderson could be a master of his native Sanderson, or French, or whatever, he’s still a JSL student: unfair to compare) — you felt them — whereas Jordan’s are so innocuous that you don’t even realize they’re there until you have a midnight epiphany or get a 3rd or 4th one, and then you feel like an alien archaeologist. Or a dolt.

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