The Plunge

In On Writing, Stephen King advises authors to wait until they have a finished product before showing it to anyone. The idea is that this will drive you to finish quicker, since ultimately you want someone to read the work.

It doesn’t work for me. I had a trial period with MINDWRITERS where I showed not one sentence to anyone, no matter how far I got, and eventually my interest in the project fizzled, despite the fact I think it’s an AMAZING story which deserves to be told.

Spurred on by the seeker of a new writing group, I sent chapters 1-3 last week and chapters 4-5 yesterday. I’ve heard just a few stirrings of feedback so far today, and I have never been more energized to write than I am today.

My regime is going to be the opposite of King’s advice. New chapters will be sent to my reader list each Monday until the novel is complete.

If you would like to join this list, please email, subject: “Join Mindwriters Reading List”.

You won’t be disappointed.

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