The day I juggled four identities.

Roleplaying an Imperial Agent isn’t easy.  You’re immediately instructed to be someone else to infiltrate an organization.

I’m a real person at a keyboard pretending to be Jelara, an Imperial Agent in the world of Star Wars, a woman vastly different from myself:

  • She IS a woman; I occasionally I act like one.
  • Incredible markswoman; I failed rifle marksmanship.
  • Fiercely loyal to the empire; I’m a libertarian.
  • Will sacrifice anyone and anything for her ambition…I’m probably not less evil, I’m just lazier.

But Jelara is pretending to be a bounty hunter to infiltrate a Hutt agency. In-universe, she’s even told to lose the Imperial Accent, so in reality the voice actress sports an American accent undercover, British when speaking to fellow operatives. (The Star Wars universe implies brits are evil!)

Later, you must impersonate a cult initiate to learn the identity of a subversive group. That particular mission is available to all Empire characters, not just agents, so completing it as an agent adds complexity: Which identity had I assumed before I was assigned the mission? Was I Jelara, Imperial Agent? The Red Blade, a good-natured bounty hunter? An imperial officer of unspecified rank? Which of these faces is now pretending to be a cult initiate?

And when I answer questions, am I answering as the cult initiate, or my main character?

This question occurs often, moreso because not all identities are part of Intel Operations. Whenever a Sith Lord issues orders, I become a spineless sycophant, to the disgust of my commanding officer. Because conversations only take place “on the rails,” there’s no opportunity to inform my superior I’m just playing toady to win Sith trust — Jelara doesn’t actually buy their mad schemes. She’s too level-headed.

Likewise, companions always react to dialog as if Jelara really believes what she’s saying. You can’t explain, “That was all bullshit to see what information he had. NOW we can kill him.” 

It all points to my skill as an operative, really. I can remember when I’m pretending to be someone else, even if my companions forgot I’m just pretending and my superior officer doesn’t understand bootlicking.

So I take pride in double TRIPLE QUADRUPLE Q U I N T U P L E-guessing every dialog option before answering such complicated questions as, “Who are you?”

I’m a good agent. How good?

The man you know as Jason is just a façade.


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