The day my favorite book became my favorite movie.

I first read ENDER’S GAME at age 14. It was introduced to my family by aunt Bronya, one of the sweetest ladies you’d ever meet, and has great taste in fiction. (She’s also a stellar baker and hostess; if you’re ever in rural Missouri, I recommend stopping by.)

After devouring this quick read, I was stunned by its much deeper sequel and the philosophical volumes that followed.  When CHILDREN OF THE MIND came out, dad bought four copies: One for himself, me, my brother, and my then-girlfriend; none of us had to wait. That’s one of my favorite memories of dad: spontaneously generous, thoughtful, and sharing our excitement.From high school onward, I read science fiction because of Card. Oh, I’ve since read Asimov and Heinlein and Clarke, but that came later.

I majored in Philosophy because of science fiction, which was difficult to explain to my professors.THE WORTHING SAGA — which even most Card fans have never read — remains one of the most thorough and convincing treatments of theodicy I’ve ever read. (“Theodicy” is the problem of evil and suffering in a world governed by benevolent and omnipotent being[s].)

When an old friend finds me on Facebook, they’re liable to mention Card. As in, “I still read Card because you got me into him.” So Card has not only influenced my reading and my education, but the warp and woof of my social life, and of course my career as a writer. There are a dozen autographed OSC novels in my home. ENDER’S GAME and SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD sit on the top shelf in my office, facing out so you can see their covers. I will buy anyone who wants a copy of either book, no questions asked.

This is the movie I’ve waited my whole life to see. Card repeatedly refused to sell the rights, because he trusted nobody with the concept. He made several attempts at a screenplay — he released parts of a draft I remember reading a decade ago.We used to dream about an Ender movie.

The dream is finally reality. All we have is a two-minute teaser — that looks phenomenal — and production information I try not to read. This is the first time I’ve considered buying sneak peak tickets, or going in costume. My anticipation exceeds that for a new STAR WARS, The Return of the King, or the final season of Breaking Bad.

Misguided haters might confuse Card’s (perfectly natural LDS) opinions into some twisted boycott, though ENDER’S GAME has none of those issues. Card’s fiction is open-minded and level-headed, often without “villains” but a lot of smart people with opposing goals, each correct and believable. In fact, he’s given lectures about not infusing your fiction with personal proselytization. He’s probably the last person who’s fiction you should boycott; James Cameron is much preachier. (You just don’t notice if you agree with him.)

The movie might disappoint. (Does it matter? The book is still incredible.) But for now, the trailer is good I have faith the film will be too. It’s the moment of sweet anticipation right before the hammerfall.

This is a moment I’ve waited for my whole life, and I get to savor it from now til November. Can you think of anything more legendary?

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