The day I played Starcraft while my blog automatically updated.

When I first committed to blogging daily, I had nothing planned or prepared. It was like jumping from an aircraft with a pledge to knit a parachute on the way down. I liked the idea because it was bold, daring and would force action. I thrive under pressure. Give me three years to complete a project and watch me “multitask,” confident you’ll forget. Give me three hours and be amazed.

Yesterday, I was also rushed because I had Writer’s Group at 7. I hadn’t read either of the pieces offered, nor forwarded them to my Kindle, etc. I was behind. Worse, I needed to unwind. Just like Sims, I get stressed and refuse to work when my Fun Meter is depleted.

Monday was the day Megan cut her hair…already stressful. Yesterday I had Writer’s group, and tomorrow VIPs visit work. It’s a hectic week. Three of my meetings tomorrow are scheduled inside a car because there’s no other time to have them. (I really wish I’d made that up.) I desperately needed JRP time.

Before I could meet my other obligations, I had promised myself was that I would post new material every day at 6 PM.

Knowing that, I behaved like any red-blooded procrastinator. I played Starcraft II against the AI to unwind. I played right until 6 PM. Then I refreshed my website and kept playing.

WordPress has a scheduling feature that allows you to post in advance. That way, when you’re on vacation, handling an emergency, or doing something responsible like gaming, you can still post on time. I worked roughly 15 hours on Monday, writing yesterday’s post in advance because I knew Tuesday would be hell.

So yesterday, when I needed a breather, I played video games while the blog updated itself.

I think that’s pretty damn cool.


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