The day I went politely dark side.

Last week was stressful. I needed a break when I could be both un-creative and harmlessly vengeful. (Pundits have missed the point of violence in video games…it’s so we don’t act out in reality.)

Typically, I prefer light-sided Sith. Their questlines are convoluted, balancing acts of kindness with impressing their masters and hiding their secret generosity. Dark Jedi balance similar deception among their elders. The gun classes (Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Imperial Agent) are less polarized.

Dark Sith are a different animal. They’re afforded regular opportunities to be truly vicious. Normally, it’s exhausting. But sometimes you just need to play the villain. Tordethal was my first villain who pulled no punches. Weaklings and cowards who beg for mercy get receiving end of Force Lightning. *zap, crackle* Let that be a lesson to my coworkers! Yeah!

There’s etiquette to online games. If you’re clearing enemies near a treasure chest, it’s understood the treasure is yours. Rude players will ignore custom and take advantage of your hard work. It’s frustrating to dispatch hordes of mooks only to have someone snatch your target while you recover.

On roleplaying servers, rude players will excuse this behavior by saying, “I’m playing dark sided!” Ah ha. Because your character is evil, you must now be rude to real people.


It’s possible to be the most villainous presence imaginable and still be kind to other players. Without breaking character. Tordethal was the worst character I’ve ever played, but other players couldn’t tell by my treatment of them.

If someone’s in danger, Tordethal helps them to demonstrate how weak they are. This is a grave insult among Sith. If someone wanted treasure, I let them have it. Tordethal has no need of trinkets.

I never broke character. And yet, I was never rude to other players.

There’s no excuse for it.

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