Five reasons Luke Skywalker is a jerk.

Five ReasonsRemember Luke Skywalker, the hero of the original STAR WARS trilogy? He’s kind of a jerk; here’s five reasons why.

1. He drops everything to chase tale.

When backwater Luke wakes up R2’s messaging software, the holographic princess awoke something in Luke. We can chalk some of Luke’s behavior to being a Tatooine provincial, but not all.

One sight of the princess and he’s forgotten about cleaning droids. He wants the entire message, and only bedtime interrupts him. (Perhaps Luke has reason to rush for the privacy of his bedroom.) In the morning when R2 is missing, any responsible young man might have confessed his error, prompting Uncle Owen to dock Luke’s allowance to pay for a replacement. Not Luke. He risks not only himself, but his other droid in hot pursuit.

2. He doesn’t seem to mind that his aunt and uncle died.

We don’t know much about Luke’s foster parents. Only that they raised him and loved him as their own for twenty years. That wasn’t enough to earn Luke’s tears, though. He was more troubled by Ben’s sacrifice than their smoldering skeletons.

Luke’s last tie to Tatooine severed, he wastes no time on funerals or dispersing assets. Adventure awaits! With a hot princess!

3. He abandons Yoda’s instruction.

Most of the Jedi in galaxy are dead. A scant few are in hiding. Luke’s personal quest has already cost the lives of Owen, Beru, Obi-Wan and Biggs.

Don’t worry, though. Totally worth it if you can train under the greatest Jedi Master alive: Yoda himself, with 900 years experience. Yoda, who battled the Emperor 1:1 and lived.

But Luke’s young. Classes are tough, so when a “force vision” of Han and Leia in some kind of trouble surfaces, it’s off to the races. I hope the professor doesn’t take attendance.

Note that Yoda never sees these visions. In all likelihood, Luke missed his drinking body. The force vision is a convenient excuse.

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”

4. He keeps trying to promote himself.

Luke is still an apprentice when he leaves for Bespin. But when he arrives on Tattooine, he’s wearing Jedi robes and identifies himself as “a Jedi Knight.” This might seem like posturing to impress Jabba, but Luke does the same thing to Yoda — his instructor!

Then I am a Jedi!

He is crushed when Yoda informs him otherwise. You mean I have to pass a trial before I’m “officially” a Jedi? What bantha poodoo is this?

5. He gives the rebellion’s greatest weapon to the Empire.

Imagine you’ve got a one-of-a-kind weapon. It could win or lose the war. If the weapon is physical, like a gun or a ship, you have to worry about the enemy stealing it.

When the weapon is a person, like the Rebellion’s only Jedi Knight, you worry more about kidnapping and death than “theft” of your weapon. Presumably, if there’s only one Jedi Knight in the Rebellion, he’s on your side and won’t give himself to the enemy.

Only Luke does exactly that: At the 11th hour, with everything in the balance, Luke doesn’t pilot a craft to help Lando’s fleet or start cutting down the troopers in Han’s way with his lightsaber. Luke’s got a bigger agenda: Turning himself in.

Smooth move, farmboy. Thanks for helping us when the chips were down.


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