The day Megan rejected me.

Monday, I told how I’d swore off dating and met Megan on my birthday; how my friend accused me of “trying too hard” and Megan herself forgot my name. Yesterday, I told how we discovered Megan was a gamer, and I called “dibs.”

Our story didn’t end there.

In fact, the story of our relationship properly begins with utter rejection and total humiliation.

After my return stateside, the world was my sandbox. Harlaxton taught me to try new things…at least, that’s what I told people.

Within weeks, I was:

  • Co-captain of an intramural Frisbee team (we won the tournament)
    • I also caught seven out of ten points one game
  • Disk Jockey for campus radio (inflicting my tastes upon the interwebz)
  • Columnist in the campus paper
  • Contributor to the literary magazine
  • Guest speaker at campus Christian organizations

I was already “involved” on campus before, but 2003 brought new talents to acquire. New opportunities to explore.

New girls to impress.

I even decided to try Swing Dancing…so did Megan. A happy coincidence, as the instructor made us partners. Temporarily, at first, because Megan’s boyfriend also planned to join the ensemble. Alas, he could not. What a shame. I was devastated*.


I got to know Megan as I twirled her about, and she got to know me.

What about her boyfriend? Surely you wouldn’t poach another man’s girl.

No, I wouldn’t. Interesting story; glad you asked. Megan was helping Brian with laundry, and I remarked offhandedly, “I need a girlfriend.” Not in a whiny, pre-Harlaxton, I’m-a-needy-boy-who’s-not-independent way, but in a jovial, damn-your-girlfriend-does-laundry?-that’s-effing-cool way. I barely stopped myself from saying, “I need your girlfriend.”

Brian’s response was weird. (No surprise, Brian’s a weird guy, and very cool.) He said, “Well, you get along with Megan really well. Maybe you should date her.” (I can’t make this stuff up.)

The same week, Daniel, Megan and Eric helped me haul chairs. I don’t know quite how he managed it, but somehow, Daniel got Megan to promise that she would date me after breaking up with Brian. Eric insisted Megan should date him after me. Daniel replied, “Megan and Jason will never break up, though.” I will never forget that.

People noticed that we were a match; even Megan’s boyfriend. Shortly after, he broke up with her.

Out of respect, I never asked her out. I didn’t court or overtly pursue her, though we were already fast friends. Occasionally, I dedicated a song for her while I was disc jockeying — at her request. Two Princes by the Spin Doctors. You Got To Me by Neil Diamond. She knew how I felt. For the moment, that was enough. Maybe I just needed to catch more Frisbees in the end zone. Finish that novel. Run more miles every morning.

Then, one dance rehearsal, out of nowhere, Megan preemptively stated that she could not, would not date me. How much of a loser do you have to be to get turned down when you haven’t even asked the question?

I like you and I think you’re great
We can dance but we can’t date
I will not make you eggs and ham
I will not “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”
I would not date you on a train
I would not date you on a plane

I will not date that JRP

He’s cute, he’s sweet…but not for me.

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