The day we wed.


Our wedding date was a coincidence; we wanted to ensure Megan’s maid of honor could (legally) drink. We had originally selected a date in late May. Our venue wasn’t available. The first Saturday they were available was June 7th.

What’s so special about June 7th?

Not much…usually. But June 7th, 2008? In American notation, that’s 06/07/’08. Your last chance to have a “sequential” date this millennium is 11/12/’13.

The date was a bonus I didn’t care much about. Even as a kid, I’d fantasized marrying the woman of my dreams.

Megan literally was. In every sense of the word. The Beatles must have had her in mind when they wrote Because: She turns me on, she makes me high, she makes me cry, more than the world, wind and sky.

It was the happiest day of my life…but so have many days spent together since. It’s a delicious paradox.

I couldn’t possibly share all my memories that day. There ain’t enough dataz on the enitre interwebz, much less my little corner. When the REPLAY technology I wrote about in Perfect Justice is invented, we’ll jack into hareNet together and I’ll show you. (Fun fact: There will be more computer memory manufactured this year than in all the information age prior.)

As Inigo Montoya famously said, “Let me explain…no, there is too much. Let me sum up.” Highlights:


  • I was so nervous, I repeatedly sprinted back and forth the length of my tiny apartment.

    My new DMG.

    My new DMG.

  • My friend Stephen helped me get ready.
    • He was a rock.
    • Unfortunately, he left the door open and Flurrfy escaped and ran into a neighbor’s apartment. We walked around the complex shaking food bowls and calling her until a neighbor realized she had the cat we sought.
  • My friend Ben got lost on the way to my house.
  • Cailin took her Maid of Honor duties so seriously, she answered Megan’s phone like a PA: Efficient, precise and organized.
  • The first thing that happened when I reached Fearrington was receiving a gift from Megan, though we’d agreed not to trade gifts:
    • The DUNGEON MASTER’S GUIDE 4th edition. (May have something to do with 4E being my favorite…hm.)
  • The wedding started late, but the assistant planner just kept saying, “Everything’s fine! We’ll start in a few minutes…” (as a good Event Planner should)
  • What took so long was apparently Megan’s hair.
  • My mouth hurt from smiling so much.
  • I decided not to take any painkillers for my back; I wanted all my emotions to be REAL, not painkiller-supplemented.
    • My back hurt like hell, but I didn’t care.


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  • Megan appearing next to her Father in her wedding dress was the most amazing thing I’ve seen in my whole life.
  • Megan’s nose crinkles when she smiles. I have never seen her nose so continuously crinkly.
  • It was unbelievable hot, over 100 degrees F. I sweated so profusely, I thought my forehead was melting.
  • The ceremony lasted about 8 minutes. Maybe less.
  • The ceremony was officiated by Dr. J. Larry Yoder, part NC country boy, part erudite, mostly professor, eternal friend and mentor.
  • The string quartet played beautifully, but insisted they couldn’t work The Imperial March into the Recessional.
  • A running gag at rehearsal was that my Father-in-Law might reply just “I do” to the question: “Who gives her away?” instead of “her mother and I.” He included “her mother” at the ceremony.
  • A chair was reserved for Megan’s grandmother, who had unfortunately passed the day before.



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  • Took forever. I always figured wedding couples snuck away for nookie before dinner. Now I know they just treat you like paparazzi for ninety minutes while your guests get appetizers.
    • Fearrington was kind enough to save a plate of hors d’oeuvres for us.

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  • The food was amazing. We got compliments for years afterwards.
  • My dad got choked up and couldn’t finish his toast.
  • Megan’s parents were among the last to be served. We’re guessing the caterers didn’t know who paid.
  • Dinner was the only time I talked much with Megan. She was radiant.
  • I remember having a water glass, beer glass, wine glass and cocktail glass.
  • Our guests once prompted us to kiss while Megan was indisposed. Neither Cailin or Brandon offered to sub.

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  • We had practiced our first dance thoroughly, and people said we looked great.
  • Our song: Come What May from Moulin Rouge. “Never knew I could feel like this…”
  • I wrote the reception playlist. It included Fraggle Rock‘s theme song and Duck Tales. (“Dance your cares away, *CLAP, CLAP*)
    • One of Megan’s friends (Gen Y to my Gen X) confessed, “I kept waiting for a bad song to go the bathroom. But there were no bad songs!
    • Still one of the highest compliments I’ve ever gotten.
  • My friend Ben cut the dance floor to ribbons; he’d recently taken ballroom lessons.
  • Megan once asked me to get her a glass of water. I was stopped four times by people as I crossed ten feet to the bar.
  • I’d asked the DJ explicitly not to play “Shout.” He did it anyway. (Terrible song for a bad back, but if you just stand there, you look like a party pooper.)
  • My Father-in-Law discovered (late) that the “limited cash bar” he’d arranged was instead an unlimited paid bar on his dime. Oops!
  • Megan’s friends dancing with my friends was fun to see, as was my grandpa dancing with Megan’s aunt.
  • You have to say, “It’s for the bride,” if you want anything done quickly. Else everyone’s distracted.
  • Megan found a (male) coworker drunk in the women’s restroom. She sent him home.


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Everyone has fond memories of our wedding; some said it’s the best they’ve ever attended: Efficient, organized, delicious food, great music: A perfect day for a perfect bride. My brother and his wife modeled parts of their wedding after ours. (What’s startling is that he admitted it.) We had a lot of help and Fearrington performed phenomally. Too bad I can’t have another wedding there.

Perhaps a vow renewal.


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