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Dear Apple, version 3…

…I’m now completely overwhelmed by your expertise and attention to detail. I will almost certainly advise all my friends to shop Apple products this holiday season.

Dear Apple…

…I wanted to include a follow-up to our last correspondence, lest you think you think I might not give you credit for fixing the previous error. Let it stand recorded how well you have served your customers.

Dear Apple…

…thanks very much for the flawless OS upgrade. As usual, it has gone smoothly and without problem.

I also appreciate the specific nature of communicated errors, allowing me to troubleshoot quickly and accurately, with a minimum of search engine use and throwing objects through walls. Your patching process is so efficient that its only equal is your communication process.

Thank you for bricking my $400.00 device under the guise “upgrades”. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this, as I’m sure that lacking access to music, movies, directions, email, time and temperature at my fingertips is an overall boost to quality of life.

I’m certainly better off without the music library I’ve spent thousands of hours acquiring and organizing, to say nothing of my alarm clock and to-do list. Thanks again.

RIFT: The Next MMO?

I’ve had the pleasure of beta testing RIFT, a new MMO from Trion Worlds.

As a six-year veteran of World of Warcraft, I have hardly encountered another game (of any genre) which comes close to WoW in quality of storyline, world depth, intelligent game design, difficulty calibration.

During WoW’s impressive reign of the genre (and before), I have tried many other MMOs and found them sorely lacking in one or more regards. Among those discarded lie Dark and Light, EVE, City of Heroes/Villains, Perfect World International, Champions Online, and Warhammer. And while I have good things to say about most of them, they simply didn’t capture me in the way WoW did.

I bring a critical eye to the MMO landscape, an eye tempered by years of game-tweaking of my own in tabletop roleplaying, as well as endeavors into player-content-creation opportunities afforded by venues like Spore: Galactic Adventures and Neverwinter Nights.

RIFT was the first game in a long time to bring some new concepts to a saturated market: Ideas like truly mixed classes, and dynamic world-altering events.

So how does RIFT stack up to the giants of the industry? Is it worth playing? Or will it shortly be set aside? Read More →

Dear Apple

no thanksDear Apple,

I love my ipod.

I hope someday to have an iphone, but only if you sign a contract with my carrier instead of a carrier with a reputation for dropped calls.

I have nothing against Macs though as a gamer I have opted for many a PC (though this stands for “personal computer” and shouldn’t necessarily refer to architecture. Aren’t Macs personal?)

But please, for the love of Thor, stop offering to install Safari on my computer. I have no need of it. I have no use for it. There is not a thing I would do with it if it were installed (except, perhaps, uninstall it).

Please stop offering to install it just because I install other Apple software.


One who is less likely to be your customer in the future.

CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO: Top Ten Reasons to Love Facebook

#10. Your closest friends aren’t on Facebook anyway.

My best friend from college is not on Facebook. My brother is not. My parents are not. And yet I have no problem keeping in touch with those people, sharing photographs or other content and making arrangements for visits. Even those who do have Facebook accounts, like my wife or coworkers, don’t use Facebook as a means to interact with me. In your real relationships, Facebook is entirely superfluous.

Your fake relationships are another matter.

#9.Finding friends who aren’t your friends (or them finding you).

You’ll get requests from people you barely met, or have never met. You won’t bond with them or develop a real friendship, but you’ll be able to peruse their favorite tv shows whenever you’re tired of watching yours. At the extreme end of the spectrum are those people you’d rather have nothing to do with who find you and friend you on Facebook.

“Facebook…an easier, more subtle way to be your stalker.” Read More →