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Offered two jobs in two hours…what unemployment?

The morning of November 9th, I assisted visitors with conference room AV. They wore suits and the relaxed confidence of experienced businessmen. I wore blue jeans and my customer service smile. I made them laugh first and projected their content second. I don’t just connect cables and press the right buttons, I explain what I’m doing and why. I provide clear instructions, offer alternatives, pros and cons. I advertise how easy it is to reach me with questions.

“Want to come work in Iowa?” one asked. “We have an IT guy, but we kind of want to choke him.”

Obviously that’s at least half-kidding, but I made a good impression. They remember me as helpful and courteous. If I applied, I’d be ahead of other candidates.

The second offer was more serious. Read More →

What kind of “play” is more work than work?

I had to write a short sample for admission into It turned out so well, I thought I’d share it here.

My hobbies include time-travel, dragon-slaying, zombie target practice, and military command. As a child, such opportunities were afforded by books. But books, for all their greatness, have one major flaw: They are static, unchanging. I can add my own interpretation, but not my own ending. I can make the meaning personal, but I can’t determine the hero’s strategy.

This is why I turn to another art form, yet in its infancy:

They’re called ‘video games’. But I prefer to think of them as interactive books. Read More →

CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO: Nudity Revisted: The Conclusion

I received a comment on Facebook in response to this article which merits revisiting the content.

Accepting your arguement, what’s the incentive to change the status quo?  If nudity were to suddenly become acceptable and widespread, it would no longer be exciting and would no longer give us the thrill.  That wouldn’t be nearly as much fun for most Americans who want to be seen as good and want (very much) the BE bad.   Also, the beer companies would have to make commercials that made sense or featured nothing but football and racecars–where would all of the large chested skinny chicks find work?

In truth, I wrapped up the article too quickly and didn’t finish with a strong conclusion. Forgive me; it was a long day and I’d felt the article ran too long already. This is one of the pitfalls of working for yourself: You don’t catch everything.

The commenter above is exactly right. Here’s the counter-intuitive conclusion to my nudity article:

  • If you’re a happily lecherous male who enjoys oggling the female form, there is no incentive for altering the Status Quo. As was pointed out, we enjoy the women at the beach and on television; why would we want to stop? We don’t.
  • If you’re a concerned mother of a small boy who wants to not see him corrupted into the the above male, you have every incentive for altering the Status Quo. It is your over-protectiveness (and the government’s) of all things nude which convinces him of the magic of a Playboy when he finally acquires one. And don’t worry — he will. You can make it so his experience goes one of two ways:
    • So what? I’ve seen it all before.
    • Ooh, la la! These chicks are HOT! Come to daddy!

The decision is yours.

CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO: Making nudity acceptable.

If an open mind is an open door, a closed mind is a locked cell for the soul. An organism that isn’t growing is dead, and water that never moves stagnates. If you vote, worship, read, work, research, eat, or invest the same way you did five years ago, Jason would like to challenge you on it. If all your dreams have come true, and the country is in perfect shape, PLEASE keep doing things the same. OTHERWISE, it’s time to shake things up. (Read more at

Universal truth: Sex sells.

Sports illustrated swimsuit edition. The Playboy channel. Beer commercials with scantily clad women. Perfume and jean commercials with bare-chested men. Cheerleaders. Miss America pageants. Victoria’s poorly kept secret. Sex in the City. Skinimax.

Pornography alone is largely responsible for the rapid growth of the internet. A recent search I conducted demonstrated this rather pointedly:

Iam fairly sure that if they took porn off the internet, there would only be one website left and it would be called “Bring Back the Porn!”
–Dr. Cox on Scrubs

Why, as a culture, are we so obsessed with sex and nudity?

My contention is that this is NOT a byproduct of natural sex drive alone. America has created the obsession as an unintended consequence of trying to stifle it. Read More →

CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO: Don’t eat chips with your fingers.

If an open mind is an open door, a closed mind is a locked cell for the soul. An organism that isn’t growing is dead, and water that never moves stagnates. If you vote, worship, read, work, research, eat, or invest the same way you did five years ago, Jason would like to challenge you on it. If all your dreams have come true, and the country is in perfect shape, PLEASE keep doing things the same. OTHERWISE, it’s time to shake things up. (Read more at

I’ve lost 15 lbs so far this year, which is to say: There’s a few things I’ve given up. I have not given up Doritos, though, and I won’t. I love them. I love the taste, I love the texture. I love the way the bag crinkles when it opens. I love every flavor I’ve ever tried; some more than others. While I’m an off-brand shopper, I’ve never found a sufficiently satisfying “off-brand” of Doritos. Like cars, computer parts, and musical instruments, my favorite chips are brand-name or bust.

There’s one thing I don’t love, though, and that’s how your fingers look and feel from the very first chip. Minuscule crumbs coat your finger in a fine powder that’s guaranteed to transfer to ANYTHING ELSE YOU TOUCH.

TV Remote? Yes.

Video game controller? Definitely.

Computer keyboard? Oh gods, yes.

My collection of autographed books? PUT THE CHIPS DOWN AND BACK AWAY SLOWLY. Read More →

Now Introducing: Columns

I’ve been advised to keep “focused” here at But what does that mean? Should every post revolve around writing?

Monitoring and sharing my progress as a writer is the primary reason I started this site. But if I were to constantly write only about writing, I would consider that:

1. Boring to my readers and

2. Immature of me as a writer

Writing about writing is easy since it’s the topic I probably know the most about. It’s also much easier to write a book about how hard it was to write a real book than it is to write a real book.

Writing about anything else takes research, effort, and talent. Also, if you look over the history of blog, you’ll notice a predictable trend. Articles about where I am as a writer get barely any comments. This is true for the mirror posts on Facebook and for email correspondence.

Articles about politics, video games, philosophy, religion, books, and movies generate interesting discussion. That’s what writing is for, to open the mind. (An open mind is an open door, no?)

But my detractors are correct, I do need to keep the site more focused. And I’ve figured out a way to do that AND advance my career and maturity as a writer:


This is something I’ve thought about doing for a long time, and now seems like the perfect opportunity. First week of the new year and all that crap.

Columns are how websites or publications with many topics divide up their topics among their staff and among their readers into organized, methodical components. I have a staff of only one: I’m writer, editor, webmaster, controller, and owner. And today I’m giving myself some specific assignments.

Writing columns will help me stay on topic for the website week after week, rather than rambling about whatever pops into my head, while allowing me to set aside the topic of my own career.

Below are the column ideas I have currently; I’m sure they will change or evolve based on your responses and involvement, but the ones I have so far will at least help get me started with some broad topics. I have ideas for several more columns than the ones below, but I’m going to start small and see how much time these occupy before committing to something like one per day.


It’s a writer’s job to know a little bit about everything, and to thoroughly research anything he doesn’t know. ASK JASON ANYTHING is your opportunity to challenge Jason with a question of any kind, whether it’s scientific or religious, financial or social, political, historical. It can be something you already know, or something you’re genuinely curious to learn. You can ask trivia or knowledge or advice, and every Thursday, Jason will do his best to answer.


On Fridays, Jason selfishly turns the tables and asks questions of you, the readers, why things are the way they are, and what we as individuals or a culture can do to make our world better. Where do you worship? Where do you work? How do you vote? What do you buy? And how is your life, and the lives of those around you shaping up as a result?


Each Saturday, Jason spotlights one product or service he finds particularly useful or enjoyable; the kind of things that make you wonder, “Why doesn’t everyone have this?”

CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO: Top Ten Reasons to Love Facebook

#10. Your closest friends aren’t on Facebook anyway.

My best friend from college is not on Facebook. My brother is not. My parents are not. And yet I have no problem keeping in touch with those people, sharing photographs or other content and making arrangements for visits. Even those who do have Facebook accounts, like my wife or coworkers, don’t use Facebook as a means to interact with me. In your real relationships, Facebook is entirely superfluous.

Your fake relationships are another matter.

#9.Finding friends who aren’t your friends (or them finding you).

You’ll get requests from people you barely met, or have never met. You won’t bond with them or develop a real friendship, but you’ll be able to peruse their favorite tv shows whenever you’re tired of watching yours. At the extreme end of the spectrum are those people you’d rather have nothing to do with who find you and friend you on Facebook.

“Facebook…an easier, more subtle way to be your stalker.” Read More →