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The day I ask what you’d like to know.

Question MarkI write many topics here on the blog; personal, professional. Reviews, gaming, roleplaying, game design, writing and more.

I know what brings my Google traffic: SWTOR, Wheel of Time, D&D and managing OCPD. I don’t know how much of that traffic returns to read other things, or how much my regular readers are interested in those topics.

To a large degree, it doesn’t matter what I write; the challenge is to make any topic both interesting and accessible to any visitor.

However, in the wake of personal stories leading up to our anniversary, I’m curious what you, my daily or weekly visitors (especially lurkers) find interesting. What were your favorite posts? What would you like to know more about?

I’m deliberately not attaching a poll or links to specific articles, leaving the question open-ended.


The day Megan guest posted on my blog.

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Tropical Storm Andrea made its way up from the Gulf Coast, right up to the North Carolina Outer Banks.  This meant that we had wind and rain on our anniversary, but that’s fine because we had each other and some indoor activities.

We spent the morning of our anniversary at the NC Aquarium on Manteo. Wonderful exhibits there, including an alligator snapping turtle. They have a nice campus overlooking the ocean. We sat for awhile and watched the sea.

Afterwards, we found a great little (and I mean little) café in downtown Manteo and it was delicious. We toured some of the local shops and Jason found a gorgeous antique print for his office.

We decided to spend some time on the beach once the rain let up, but we weren’t expecting the tropical winds to use sand as shrapnel. Ow.

Next was dinner, and it was DELICIOUS! We were most pleased.

We returned to the hotel, opened the patio door, sipped wine and just talked.

When it got too dark to see anything, Jason had me sit on the couch. He went to the bedroom and when he came back he proposed. It was heart moving! My response was “Yes! Yesyesyesyes YAY!”

Despite the rain and piercing wind, we had a great time.

I love my husband and all the things he does for me and all the things he puts up with for me.

Happy Anniversary!

The day Megan proved four of you wrong.

On Friday, I explained Megan’s Surprise Dilemma, a gambit wherein Megan had the option to unravel various surprises.

As a bonus, I included a poll to predict both Megan’s reaction and Jason’s plans. Only five people voted (despite >30 reading the article) but there were still interesting “trends.” (Can you say “trend” of a tiny sample size?)

  • Nobody voted either “surprise” was a lie. Everyone expected both surprises to exist.
  • Four readers predicted that Megan would not want to know and would abstain from checking the laptop bag.
  • One reader predicted that Megan would check, deliberating spoiling both surprises.

Neither Megan nor I voted.

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The day of Megan’s Surprise Dilemma.

Megan claims she doesn’t like surprises. She prefers to be involved. She bought her own engagement ring — I didn’t even get to see it first. (That’s another tale and shall be told another time.) However, when you ask her detailed questions, she vacillates. Some surprises are good. Some are bad. What’s the pattern? Where’s the line?

It’s impossible for a loving husband to guess. Read More →