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Laptop In For Repairs

Bedroom 1 is our master. Bedroom 2 is our gaming office.

Bedroom 3 is my writing office.

Of course, without having two computers for myself, having this extra office was useless. We kept the door shut and the vent closed to save on energy, and never entered it except to retrieve something from the closet.

But for months last year, I saved up and finally bought a laptop to serve both for mobile gaming (when necessary), but primarily as my writing computer. This made my office truly a place for writing for the first time since we moved to this apartment.

But now I’m getting white lines across the screen horizontally. I checked my warranty online, which is one year full service (Asus has good warranties).

Unfortunately, the instructions were to take the machine to the point of sale. A trip to Best Buy yesterday revealed that they would have to send the laptop offsite for ten to fourteen business days for repairs.

“At no cost to you,” the young man assured me. “It’s covered by your warranty.”

At no cash cost to me, you mean? Time is money. Every day that my laptop is in the shop is a day that a whole room of our apartment can’t fill its designated purpose.

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but the transition from having a designated place for writing was huge. It affects you mentally. There’s a psychological reaction that kicks in when you return to the same place for the same activity. This is why sleep experts advise you not to read or watch tv in bed, but only to sleep, because then even the act of getting in bed will trigger a Pavlovian response of shutting down your brain and body.

Ever turn on the tv and IMMEDIATELY want a snack? That’s because having eaten in front of the tv, you’ve triggered a psychosomatic response wherein your body equates television with food.

I know I’m not alone in wanting to write locked in a room by myself. I just read the introduction to Rachel and Leah by Orson Scott Card, and due to weird schedule constraints, he wrote the book in the passenger seat of a car during a regular trip. He confessed this was the first book he’s ever written with someone else in the room.

It makes a difference.

And now I get to go without my laptop for up to 14 days. This is 14 days where I’m effectively wasting 1/5th of my rent (the cost difference when we moved from a 2B to a 3B). So no, amateur-counter-retail-guy, it doesn’t ‘cost’ my anything to have my laptop fixed in your pea brain.

But out here in the real world, it DOES cost me.

Fortunately, I have continued writing on my desktop (gaming) computer, but I’m not happy about it.

It worked…

addictedRather than quitting World of Warcraft cold turkey (which I have done before, but it didn’t stick in the long run), I have instead tried the the route of discipline:

Simply playing less.

It worked. When I feel the urge to game, I will attempt to scratch the itch by playing much more cyclical one-player games instead. I don’t know how others feel, but for me single player games don’t cut it anymore; I just get bored with seeing the same content over and over. Cheats, mods, savefile editors and such can add a certain additional replay value, but those grow stale even┬ámore quickly than the original game.

So then I pace the apartment. I check chess.com compulsively every five minutes. I watch *gasp* television. (Streaming with no commercials, still, though.)

And then eventually…I get bored enough to write.


I wrote for some 7 or 8 hours Saturday and another 4 on Sunday. Furthermore, I managed a personal first: Diving directly into another story while the ink from my last project is still drying.

I considered putting up another poll to ask what you want to read next, having now (re)finished Perfect Justice. But then I’d want to give the poll time to gather enough info — the last one took about ten days before all votes were in, and even then I only garnered nine votes in total.

Instead, I decided merely to write the next story.

For those who are keeping up with me, I’ll go ahead and tell you the next one is going to be Second Chances; you can read the synopsis over on the sidebar.

I will also introduce you to a new project on my idea board:

Road Rage is about a guy so frustrated and angered by the idiotic and dangerous ways of rude drivers that he finally decides to do something about it. But he isn’t content with merely taking your license. Violate his rules, and he’ll be taking your life.