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Stand by.

My apologies for the hiatus. Updates coming soon.

With apologies to my commentors

I just checked the site today and found five or six comments I’d had no idea were ever posted.

It used to be I’d get emailed whenever a new comment was posted. For some reason that hadn’t been happening. Here I thought the site was stagnating when in fact I have more participating than ever.

This also accounted for any delay first-time posters (Michelle, William) would have had in having their comments approved. I need to look into my settings and see what changed.

Website Troubles

I’ve been mercilessly tinkering away at this site for about a week and still don’t have what I want.

Spam in my WP comments (filtered and blocked by me before you see it) has convinced me to move to forums as a means of communication. Plus I can have up project rooms with various co-authors, etc.

The trick is integrating WordPress (the blog interface I use) and phpBB. There’s a WP mod that does it, but it causes fatal SQL errors and part of the addon isn’t working.

There’s a WP theme that does it, but trying it out wiped out most of my site customization to date, which is why the sidebar looks different. Plus I don’t like its font sizes and column width settings.

There’s a way to customize aforementioned theme with my own formatting, but their instructions for doing so are vague, at least for someone with my limited knowing of .php and .css coding.

My apologies if this creates any inconvenience…after some respite I will return the site to the way it looked before, or perhaps tackle an integrated WP/PhpBB solution with renewed vigor.