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SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT: The best YouTube video I’ve ever seen.

Each Saturday, Jason spotlights one product or service or work of art he finds particularly amazing; the kinds of things that make you wonder, “Why doesn’t everyone have this?” (Read more at www. jasonrpeters.com.)

For the most part, I can’t stand YouTube. It’s like the worst aspects of television and the internet mixed into one, only without the benefit of real content like full-length television shows or movies.

That said, I do delve into the content wasteland for a few reasons. It’s a great place to learn intricate bossfights for World of Warcraft, for instance, so you don’t look an idiot when you first arrive. (#1 rule: Don’t stand in the fire.)

Beyond that, if a friend or relative recommends a video, I will grudgingly have a look. But only once have I ever been thrilled instead of annoyed by the time I actually watched the video.

This video by Sam Tsui was recommended to me by my wife, and I loved it.

Sam is a music student at Yale, and this is a video of him accompanying himself in a six-part a capella arrangement of a Michael Jackson medley. Read More →