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The day we made-over our finances.

The Total Money MakeoverFor Christmas one year, grandma gave me THE TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER by Dave Ramsey. Since I’d never before received financial advice from my grandparents, I took the book and accompanying note to heart.

Basically, grandma said don’t work your whole life and end up without much to show. When Dave says, “We give the same financial advice your grandmother would,” for me it’s literal.

Dave’s ideas were new to me. Get out of debt? In a country run by credit cards, student loans and car payments as the norm?

It was preposterous. Audacious. Intriguing. Read More →

ASK JASON ANYTHING: Why does [an infinitely benevolent] God allow suffering?

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Why does God allow suffering?

When you first study theology, this is one of the questions you find endlessly fascinating as a Freshman, and downright elementary as a senior. I almost feel like I’m cheating by using this question as content for an article.

However, the question was posed to me recently, and it occurs to me there are many unsatisfied with the apparent contradiction of a benevolent God and a world full of suffering.

To me, however, the arrangement makes perfect sense. Read More →