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The day I realized I live at home.

All my life, I’ve felt like I was passing through.

In school, it was because I didn’t fit in and I figured the dumb jocks just COULDN’T be the ones in charge of the real world.

In the Army, it might have been because I flunked marksmanship after seven-week military career.

In college, it was because I was working towards something finite. A four FIVE SIX S E V E N year degree. The “job” and the “housing” (loose terms each) were temporary (thank Zeus).

In law enforcement, it was because I didn’t fit in and I figured my superior officers just COULDN’T be the ones in charge of the real world. (True story: My Sheriff called his IT guy into the room to ask him whether an email to England…would actually reach England. What, did he think you needed extra email postage?)

In temp jobs, it was because they were…well…temporary.

All my life:

  • I’ve lived in someone else’s property: My parents, student housing, apartments, renting a house. Today we own a house, but that wasn’t enough.
  • I’ve helped someone else’s career: My boss, my friends, whomever. Today I have my own career, but that wasn’t enough.
  • I’ve dreamed of sharing hopes, dreams, fears and trials with a beautiful woman. Today, I’m married to one. But that wasn’t enough.
  • I’ve wished I could adopt pets of my own choosing. Today, we have two wonderful cats. But that wasn’t enough.

I’m married to a wonderful woman. We have a wonderful house, a spacious back yard backed by woods. Two cats we adore. I live twenty minutes from work, and I work in a high-tech industry for an impressive company. I also pass llamas, horses, cows, chickens and goats every day on my commute. There are deer in our backyard weekly and a bunny almost daily. I work hard but I have a ton of free time.

I live at home.

Dear Apple…

…thanks very much for the flawless OS upgrade. As usual, it has gone smoothly and without problem.

I also appreciate the specific nature of communicated errors, allowing me to troubleshoot quickly and accurately, with a minimum of search engine use and throwing objects through walls. Your patching process is so efficient that its only equal is your communication process.

Thank you for bricking my $400.00 device under the guise “upgrades”. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this, as I’m sure that lacking access to music, movies, directions, email, time and temperature at my fingertips is an overall boost to quality of life.

I’m certainly better off without the music library I’ve spent thousands of hours acquiring and organizing, to say nothing of my alarm clock and to-do list. Thanks again.

The Plunge

In On Writing, Stephen King advises authors to wait until they have a finished product before showing it to anyone. The idea is that this will drive you to finish quicker, since ultimately you want someone to read the work.

It doesn’t work for me. I had a trial period with MINDWRITERS where I showed not one sentence to anyone, no matter how far I got, and eventually my interest in the project fizzled, despite the fact I think it’s an AMAZING story which deserves to be told.

Spurred on by the seeker of a new writing group, I sent chapters 1-3 last week and chapters 4-5 yesterday. I’ve heard just a few stirrings of feedback so far today, and I have never been more energized to write than I am today.

My regime is going to be the opposite of King’s advice. New chapters will be sent to my reader list each Monday until the novel is complete.

If you would like to join this list, please email jason.r.peters@gmail.com, subject: “Join Mindwriters Reading List”.

You won’t be disappointed.

It Matters

Occasionally, one of you will send me a nice note. Or stop me at work. Or send an email. Or comment on facebook.

And occasionally, it will be something complimentary, like I wrote an article you found good, thought-provoking, or compelling. Or that I wrote a product review which made you actually want to read the book I reviewed.

You should know…these comments matter. A great deal. They fuel the fire. They keep me motivated and engaged and active on this site and in my writing career.

Now, I would very much like to believe that even without them, I would trudge onward. That unappreciated in my time, I would nevertheless press forward with heroic resolve.

But honestly, I don’t know. Because every so often, just when I’m wondering if anybody reads this crap, one of you comes along, seemingly out of nowhere, and compliments an article that I haven’t even thought much about in a few days.

So thank you. You have no idea what this means to me. Instead of trudging along in darkness, my way is lighted by better friends than I deserve. Never worry that if I make it big, I would ever “forget the little people”. There are no little people.

Holy unexpected encouragement, batman!

I received the following email this morning:

Hey!  One of my students used one of your articles as a resource in an assignment.  I looked at the reference and was like Jason R. Peters…I know that name!  You know you’ve made it big when people use your work in school assignments 🙂

This is a major milestone in my writing career. Never before have I (knowingly) been cited as a reference. Even if major publishers don’t know it yet, this indicates that I am becoming (if slowly) a player on the literary stage.

Which article was it? Don’t know yet.

What was the paper about? Don’t know.

Did the author of the email recommend you as a reference to her student? No; she was as surprised to see my name listed as I now am.

Just when I think work is about to bury me and my writing career has stalled, I get something like this, which not only gives me fuel to persist, but also puts me back in touch with an old friend. Pure win.

…now back to the day job…