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Five reasons good Dungeon Masters aren’t great.

Five ReasonsThe title of “Dungeon Master” is odd. In most circles, it’s either meaningless or translates to “permanent virgin.” To a select group, it’s a title of respect. But there’s no test for it. Like writing, once you’ve decided you’re a Dungeon Master…you are.

That doesn’t make you any good at it.

Even good Dungeon Masters often fall short of greatness. Here’s five reasons why. Read More →

Ethics: Would you kill to save your daughter?

Every Monday, I explore a different ethical dilemma. Today, I ask how far you would go to save your child from harm.

Are morals universal or situational? Do you believe it is wrong to kill, always, without any possible justification?

Or do you feel that desperate times call for desperate measures, and some situations require you to do whatever it takes?

Just how far would you go to defend your wife or daughter from an assailant?

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Ethics: What’s so wrong with death again?

Every Monday, I explore a different ethical dilemma. Today, I ask why death is considered “bad” under certain faiths.

If you watch crime dramas, its a given that murder is about the most heinous crime one could commit. Similarly, killing of any measure is portrayed as atrocious in many worldviews, both religious and political.

But does the worldview match what the religion it claims to follow actually believes? Do people understand that their stated beliefs and their visceral reactions are at odds?

And most importantly: Is death really such a bad thing?

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Ethics: Should faith be used in advertising?

Every Monday, I explore a different ethical dilemma. Today, I examine whether aspects of faith should be included in advertising.

A friend on his commute spied a cleaning service van. The twist? Their services were faith-oriented, and they weren’t shy about advertising their work on God’s behalf. (Or perhaps God’s admiration of their labor.)

Is this sort of marketing ethical? Does it boast refreshing honesty? Or does it pander to please, thereby generating additional revenue?

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Ethics: Should God get the credit?

Every Monday, I explore a different ethical dilemma. Today, I examine whether we should give God credit when good things happen.

“Thank God” is a phrase that’s thrown around so often it’s become worthless. We use it for the most trivial proclamations.

“Thank God” it stopped raining. “Thank God” it’s Friday. And the most ironic: “Thank God I’m an atheist.”

Is God really responsible for everything we attribute Him? And if He’s not…does He want the credit?

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SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT: Hummel Gets the Rockets

Each Saturday, Jason spotlights one product or service or work of art he finds particularly amazing; the kinds of things that make you wonder, “Why doesn’t everyone have this?” (Read more atwww. jasonrpeters.com.)

One of my all-time favorite movies boasts a soundtrack I like even better than the movie. Wait; that’s wrong.

Rather, I think the soundtrack compliments the film so flawlessly that it helped make the movie what it is. This movie without said soundtrack would be a lot like toast without butter, crab without lemon, pancakes without syrup, and worse. Read More →