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Hey! It’s working again!

ipod_blackI finally got the iPod to sync with my computer and update my songs library.

This is bad because it erased the customized playlists I’ve carried with me for years. (All good things must come to an end and be reproduced if worthy, though.)

It’s GOOD because now I can finally get podcasts at work and in the car. Especially podcasts by and for writers.

If any aspiring writers happen by this blog, there are two I recommend above all others:

The Odyssey SF/F Writing Workshop (particular to my genres, of course). The sound quality isn’t always great, and the biggest disappointment is that there aren’t more of these. But the advice from a variety of editors and successful writers is “fantabulous”.

A less formal but probably more entertaining podcasts is “Writing Excuses“. One of the three hosts is Brandon Sanderson; obviously I’m a fanboy of his work so far. This also leans towards my preferred genres (two of the hosts write fantasy and horror).

I thought this was worth posting also as a quick follow-up to my pseudo “why Apple?” rant.

I now officially have an Apple product that’s working. (Mostly.)

Best Supporting Actor? This is an outrage! (but not really)

Here's my card
“Here’s. My. Card.”

So … no surprise here, Heath Ledger posthumously won Best Supporting Actor for his performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight.

What a travesty.

Best supporting actor?


I think not.

I don’t care that Batman is technically the title character. Nor was I displeased with Christian Bale’s performance; quite the contrary. The script gave him far less to work with than Batman Begins, but that’s par for the proverbial course. The character was already developed. What else can you do…short of introduce a major catalyst?

By the written plot AND by Heath Ledger’s jaw-dropping performance, The Joker is the primary moving force in The Dark Knight. The characters react to him rather than the reverse, all the way to the bitter end. He’s the cause for the Title Drop and all the events leading to it, not to mention completely stealing the show from the intended Anti-Hero.

He managed to take something Older Than Dirt and make it completetly original.

And Ledger’s Joker is giving even Hannibal Lecter a run for the money for my favorite Big Bad of all time.

Although at the moment I may sound like a gushing fanboy, for someone as cynical and critical of all things as I am, that’s no small feat. Ledger played the lead as far as I’m concerned.