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The day of Megan’s Surprise Dilemma.

Megan claims she doesn’t like surprises.¬†She prefers to be involved. She bought her own engagement ring — I didn’t even get to see it first. (That’s another tale and shall be told another time.) However, when you ask her detailed questions, she vacillates. Some surprises are good. Some are bad. What’s the pattern? Where’s the line?

It’s impossible for a loving husband to guess. Read More →


DeterminationThe old apartment is empty, the new apartment is full. And more or less unpacked, with the exception of my would-be office, temporarily dubbed “the box room”.

The other office, the one for video gaming, exercising, or web browsing, is now clean and organized enough to work in.

My computer has been fixed and seems stable thus far.

It’s time to return to my 500 words per day.

There’s no denying that I was blown significantly off course by the pressures and stresses 0f moving first, but further compounded by technical issues (or as I like to call them at work, “technical opportunities”.)

Looking at the calendar, my anticipated first-draft-completion for October for FRAGILE GODS is now over ambitious. However, my original goal to finish FRAGILE GODS this year is still quite manageable.

Let the games…resume.