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The day Megan rejected me.

Monday, I told how I’d swore off dating and met Megan on my birthday; how my friend accused me of “trying too hard” and Megan herself forgot my name. Yesterday, I told how we discovered Megan was a gamer, and I called “dibs.”

Our story didn’t end there.

In fact, the story of our relationship properly begins with utter rejection and total humiliation.

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My Year 2000 Valentine’s Day Rant

The following comes from an email I wrote February 13th in the year 2000 to address the many faults and problems with what is, in my opinion, the sorriest excuse for a “holiday” we celebrate. Most of this is still accurate. Parts of it were very personal. Read More →

What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you?

bunnycryMisery is like high-powered story fuel.

My next short story is about a guy who’s had a recent run of very bad luck. (Of course, thanks to a mysterious peddler, his luck is about to change.) To write his perspective, I’m going to draw from my own experience from the lowest points of my life.

Getting fired from a temp job for being home (on doctor’s orders) due to having a spinal headache (MOST unpleasant) and going into shock following a medical procedure (relating to breaking my spine in 2006) was one of the worst weeks of my life. I was in so much pain and agony that there were hours where (1) I sincerely thought I was going to die, or (2) I really didn’t know much of what was going on around me.

As a kind of sympathy card for the rough week I was having, my employer let me go, saying they just needed a warm body in the seat and if I was going to be…well… y’know, in the hospital, that just wasn’t acceptable to them.

There was another time where my girlfriend dumped me one day, and my cat died the following day. When it rains it pours, right? And other pessemistic cliches.

What about you? What were some of the worst experiences of your life? Breakups? Firings? Injuries? Sicknesses? Screwed up travel plans? Combinations of all of the above?