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The Proper Method of Procrastination

I’m ambitious and competitive. It drives me to be a better writer.

But I’m not always writing. In truth, I write a lot less than I feel I should (though still more than anyone else I know.)

So what do I do when I’m not writing?

Well…something ambitious. And competitive. And difficult and driven. One such example is playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero games at “expert” difficulty. Work up a sweat, pull out all the stops. When you make a critical error, hurl profanity at the screen.

For no other reason than to inflate my own ego, here follows a non-exhaustive list of my Rock Band and Guitar Hero accomplishments. Read More →

April Sage’s Day

Bah humbug.

April Fool’s Day is a holiday which glorifies dishonesty. If you absolutely must mess with people today, I encourage you to play pranks in good taste rather than outright lie.

For example last year someone stole and hid the desk and chair from one of my coworkers. However, they left her computer and other working materials in place. I like the sort of prank which causes a lot of laughs, but no real harm.

That said, I have enjoyed many an April Fool’s Day joke, especially announcements by major companies, such as Blizzard’s preview of the bard class (a la guitar hero), Burger King’s left-handed Whoppers, NASA’s claim of water on Mars (a glass of water and a Mars candy bar), google’s pranks, wikipedia’s pranks, and so forth.

My friend Ben (getting married this July) played an awesome April Fool’s prank on me when he insisted (after months of excitement towards D&D and roleplaying in general) that he’d done some more research and found that playing D&D would offend his good Christian sensibilities. He’s way too good of a liar.

Pranks and tall tales which are fairly evident or quickly revealed are all part of the fun. Just make sure you aren’t saying or doing something dishonest which is truly hurtful. And remember that everyone draws that line differently.