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The Solution

I’ve found the solution to my woes below; in retrospect, it’s pretty obvious, but it takes a step back to see the whole picture. (If you haven’t read the post below, do that first. It’s the fundamental error of blogs that when updates come close together, “newest on top” is less effective.)

I need total strangers to read my work.

People with no tendency (conscious or subconscious) to be charitable to my work, people who will absolutely tear my work limb from limb if it deserves it. And conversely, if my story is awesome, to tell me unbiased that it is. What would be more help than either is if they acknowledge parts that need improvement side by side with scenes that don’t work.

I’ve been a member of online writing groups in the past; each week, one person submits and the other other 4-5 critique/feedback. They’re great because you get people from all walks of life. They do tend to fall apart, however. Person 3 may be late to submit, then Person 4 goes on vacation, the emails get further and further apart.

Still, I think I should rejoin one, maybe more than one. If one falls apart, immediately join another. And another. Etc.

In the meanwhile, my beloved loyal readers, give my stories to your friends and family — people who don’t know me — and have them write directly to me at jason.r.peters@gmail.com¬†with their impressions, good or bad.