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My quest for the perfect game.

everybody-gets-offI have a thirst which has never been quenched. And I am tired of being teased by promises and demos, never to be satisfied.

Spore is as close as any game has come to being perfect for me, and yet it still fell drastically wide of the margin. I have tried a number of alternatives in its stead, and each has failed miserably.

Age of Empires and Empire Earth come close, at the very beginning, to simulating what I wanted to explore with my various sporelings. But the military threat is so imminent there isn’t time to explore the way a culture might gradually develop.

SimCity 4,000 comes close to providing the level of detailed control I would like to have with a whole world at my fingertips, yet it lacks randomly generated progress of a society. And worst of all, it lacks flavor.

SimCity Societies provides that flavor, but lacks the challenge and level of control. On the surface, you can create cultures of artistic value, imperialism, shamanism, control, law, or anarchy. But the toolbox is disappointingly limited, and the methods disappointingly direct.

I want a game that gives you a vast empty planet, full of natural resources and strange creatures, much like the creature level of Spore, where their truly is something new and wonderful over each next rise. Unfortunately, each inter-species interaction is mind-numbingly repetitive. I want a game that fills you with the sense of infinite sadness I had wandering the scorched earth of Durotar in World of Warcraft for the first time. I want a game that provides you with the sense of a blank slate like a new city in Simcity, but gradually lets you discover fire, and tools, and farming like Age of Empires and Empire Earth.

I want a game that lets you evolve your society in different directions, the way Civilizations does, but with the control over architecture and my own creations akin to that of Spore. I want a game that lets me guide my people from cave dwellers to space farers.

I want a game that both fulfills and challenges my imagination and creative control.

In short, I want a game that lets me play God.

…is that so hard?