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Preview: Balance’s commander tries to learn the Sergeant’s fate.

Every Wednesday, I offer a free preview of a current project. The excerpt below is taken from Music of the Spheres.

“Sergeant, are you en route to ship?” The question was routine, but as the seconds crawled and no answer came, Captain Eckard began to worry. “Sergeant, please respond.” Silence.

It had been fifteen minutes since Balance’s report that the target had been destroyed. Maybe his communications signal was jammed. Maybe an explosion had damaged his equipment. Maybe, maybe, maybe. It was too coincidental for a technical malfunction to happen this very moment. Too convenient for the enemy. Too dangerous for Eckard’s men, and for the Dominion. Read More →

Research: Understanding war crimes and soldier loyalty.

Every Saturday, I offer insight about my current research, or answer reader-submitted questions.

The opening scene of Music of the Spheres presents a soldier ordered to perform a despicable act: Slaying an infant.

Such an order would not be tolerated by American soldiers. I have several friends in the armed forces, and I know their integrity is such they would not obey this order. They are the most upstanding and honorable individuals I know. Read More →

Scene preview: Would you have kept the baby?

Every Wednesday, I offer a free preview of a current project. The excerpt below is taken from Music of the Spheres.

Joan had never been troubled on her country strolls before today. She preferred walking to class because the time alone allowed her to think, though her friends thought it was dangerous. Though the trip would have taken five minutes by car, it was the solitude she liked, getting lost in her thoughts. Wind flowed over the grass like invisible surf, ghostly hands caressing the land, tugging gently at her hair. A humble road cut through the plains, lightly graveled. Joan liked the way the pebbles crunched beneath her feet, keeping rhythm as she trudged along.

She was both startled and disturbed to see a vagrant loitering ahead. He was a large man, unshaven, in what appeared to be the tattered remnants of some uniform. It was so dirty and faded that she couldn’t make out any patches or insignia. Against the pristine landscape, he was as out of place as a weapons rack in a library. And this was her special place. Seeing another person here almost felt like an invasion of privacy. Read More →

SCENE PREVIEW: Music of the Spheres

Sergeant Stephen Balance was about to commit mutiny, an act which he had never before considered possible.

It was not in his nature. You received you orders and carried them out; leave the second-guessing to officers and civilians. Yet for once, Balance was troubled to find himself hesitant to complete a mission, contemplating disobedience and rebellion. His orders were clear, precise. Even easy.

But they were wrong. Read More →