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From short story to novel

messydeskThere haven’t been any comments in days and I’m beginning to feel I’m playing to an empty room — exactly the kind of feeling I was trying to avoid by creating a website.

Nor has anyone yet requested a single copy of Perfect Justice since its completion.

Ah, well…the show must go on, right? Even if the only person left in the auditorium is the director.

I am giving some thought to expanding Perfect Justice to novel form. The novel would open with Aiden’s trial and the events leading up to the portion in the short story, and also weave together the lives of Dr. Stevenson, Marcus, and the various litigators involved in a way which makes the ending even more meaningful.

This would be my first short-story-turned-novel project, and it’s exciting because it’s the first time I thought a short story had enough to it that it was worth expanding. It’s also exciting to get a glimpse behind the curtain of that process as I begin to see what other writers did when converting a short story to book, how the foundation of having a climax already written can help shape whole chapters with ease.