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The day I accidentally killed a Jedi Padawan.

Gaming for the Non-GamerAs my Jedi Sage alter ego, Lomerell, I was on a mission for the Republic:

A plague is afflicting Jedi Masters, clouding their minds with the dark side and driving them insane. I have learned a Force Shielding technique which cures the afflicted and protects them from future influence…when I can confront them directly.

On the planet Taris, I tracked down Jedi Master Cin Tykan, thus afflicted and threatening thousands of innocent lives. In fact, he threatened to destroy most of Taris’s much-needed restoration project.

Unfortunately, by the time I reached him, Tykan had been joined by his Padawin, Aris. She was a bright and talented pupil, who fully embraced the Light Side…until she allied with her plagued Master.

I find peace and serenity in the light, but I’m perhaps too quick to fire up my lightsaber. I don’t take kindly to threats, and sometimes convincing someone I could hurt them (even if I don’t plan to) is expedient.

When I confronted Master Tykan and his Padawan, I started calm, but they greeted me with bravado and threats. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but I grew impatient. I don’t know whether I could have resolved the entire matter peaceably, but somehow I offended Tykan.

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“Where Do We Check Out?” — An Apple Store Tale

The breeze kissed George’s cheek as he crossed the parking lot, Jessica’s tiny hand snug inside his. Doors of the new supermarket opened like welcoming arms at their approach, sliding quietly.

An employee clad in soft blue sidled up with a smile, a young man full of pep. “Can I help you with anything?” he asked, eyes bright.

“Uh, that’s okay,” George said, glancing about the store. “We’ll find what we need.”

“Well, we’re here if you need us!” The youngster sauntered off.

While grabbing a cart and deciding where to begin, George and Jessica were approached twice more by employees.

“What was that about?” Jessica asked once the third had been deflected.

“Dunno,” George confessed. “Are they cashiers or salesmen? I hope they let us shop in peace.”

George and Jessica began the task of finding groceries, crossing items off the list with a satisfied black line, watching progress march down the page as the couple marched through the aisles. The place became more crowded by degrees; each aisle was more difficult to navigate than the last.

“Ooh, we need a new stereo,” Jessica cooed as they passed electronics.

“Waste of money,” George muttered.

“Some are on sale…look, that box is damaged. Maybe we can get a discount.”

George only grunted, but as always, Jessica understood: If you must. Jessica set the damaged box in the cart, and wheeled around to the front of the store.

There, she froze. “What’s wrong?” George asked.

“Where do we check out?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

Jessica gestured at the storefront with a wide sweep of her arm. “There aren’t any checkout lanes.”

She was right. There were the exits, and right before the exits, where rows of checkout lanes usually punctuated the store, there was…nothing. No lanes, no conveyers, no cashiers. Just a few more islands with products on them, crowded by masses of shoppers.

“Well, we can’t just walk out,” Jessica said.

George was apalled. “I’ve never stolen so much as a dime in my whole life. Don’t aim to start now.”

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