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Star Wars, The Old Republic: The Evolution of Gaming?

We’ve seen Star Wars games by the dozens and MMORPGs by the handful. Even a Star Wars-based MMO is nothing new. The franchise alone doesn’t always sell games, which are inevitably judged on their own merit.

So what makes EA and Bioware think they can profitably challenge industry behemoth World of Warcraft and its competitors? Is the Force with them?

I tested Star Wars: The Old Republic this weekend, possibly the most ambitious game ever made. It was innovative and surprising, and takes the genre in new directions as promised.

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SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT: The greatest strategy game ever played.

Each Saturday, Jason spotlights one product or service or work of art he finds particularly amazing; the kinds of things that make you wonder, “Why doesn’t everyone have this?” (Read more atwww. jasonrpeters.com.)

I’ve been an avid player of hundreds of games, most of them carrying some strategic element: Dungeons and Dragons, Risk, Settlers of Catan, Monopoly. Tac Air. Chinese Checkers. In the digital world, I began with Warcraft 2, Starcraft, and Warcraft 3, expanded to Age of Empires, Empire Earth, Company of Heroes, Star Wars: Empire at War, Rome: Total War, The Battle for Middle Earth2, Black & White 2.

In spite of a plethora of variations on a theme, one game strategy game stands above them all (and I would wager it always will), simultaneously full of beautiful complexity and elegant simplicity:

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