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The day I created the Portal2Cast (this was a triumph).


When Starcraft II arrived, I marveled at the culture that accompanied:  Wikis, professional players, strategy guides and live tournaments. Some of it already existed from SC2’s predecessor, StarCraft Broodwar. But I didn’t know just how vast and popular “e-sports” would become. Nobody did.

What most intrigued me were professional ‘casters — paid to comment on games. What a perfect career! They mixed geek culture, videogames, and analysis into a savory entree for my viewing pleasure. I soon wondered whether I could have such a career. Just one problem…I’m not that good at Starcraft. I enjoy watching matches but I don’t follow the pro scene or the meta game. There’s too much I don’t know. You can hardly anchor the NFL if you don’t follow the whole league year ’round. Read More →