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The Proper Method of Procrastination

I’m ambitious and competitive. It drives me to be a better writer.

But I’m not always writing. In truth, I write a lot less than I feel I should (though still more than anyone else I know.)

So what do I do when I’m not writing?

Well…something ambitious. And competitive. And difficult and driven. One such example is playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero games at “expert” difficulty. Work up a sweat, pull out all the stops. When you make a critical error, hurl profanity at the screen.

For no other reason than to inflate my own ego, here follows a non-exhaustive list of my Rock Band and Guitar Hero accomplishments. Read More →

Minor Career Milestone

This marks the first time I’ve had two stories simultaneously submitted for consideration/publication.

This is a tangible measure that I have been taking my writing more seriously and devoting more time to it than ever before. It may still be years before editors recognize my genius I am published, but it will no longer be for laziness, lack of trying, or procrastination.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I have any other works close enough to submission quality to try and get a third out before one of these two comes back. But that’s okay, too.

Website Launches

Champagne ToastHappy New Year!  2009 is in full swing; vacation’s over.

Have you made any resolutions? I don’t normally (who keeps em, right?) but this year is an exception.

I’ve resolved to maintain a website for showcasing my writing, as many authors do. Primarily I’ve been inspired by this by Brandon Sanderson who not only keeps a blog, but publicly reports progress for his current projects.

My purpose for emulating him is two-fold:

Primarily, I intend to keep myself honest, motivated, and focused. If my blog is publicly tracked by my parents, friends, co-workers, and my wife, then I can hardly shrug off inquiries about my latest projects per the usual procrastination. They’ll know if I’ve been writing. And (hopefully) they’ll pester me for the completion of interesting projects.

Secondarily, every writer needs an audience. I find I’m most motivated to finish a story when I picture printing the hardcopy and handing it out, or emailing it to the few readers I have already. A website automates that process. My mind’s eye constantly pictures the website’s readers, even if they’re only immediate family, as people for whom I am writing. This encourages me to take the stage with gusto.

Welcome to Jason R. Peters dot-com. I hope you enjoy my work.