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Interlude: Megan’s omelette.

Megan made me an omelette for dinner. That’s one of my favorites. This bears no relevance with today’s post, but it does for tomorrows. It will be interesting to see who my daily readers are! Also, I wonder if this sort of update is why people…Tweet. Just can’t bring myself to yet. We’ll see.

Why didn’t Peter Jackson consult me?

Peter Jackson has recently confessed — pardon me — announced that adapting THE HOBBIT to the silver screen will be a trilogy.


Lord of the Rings was long but cut the content to movie length. Fans raved about the extended editions, but to me they were a cheap marketing ploy to prey on fanboys chomping at the bit for “MORE” regardless of quality of relevance. The extended editions weren’t truer to the books, didn’t reveal hidden depths of character or explain cut content. On the contrary, things I expected to be explained were simply glossed.

All the extended editions offered were more scenes much like the ones you’d already seen.

So if LOTR could capture 3 volumes in 3 movies, how many movies would it take to capture THE HOBBIT, adapted to screen, which is much shorter?

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