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The day I introduce “Infinite Advent,” a different kind of RPG.

The following excerpts in full the first chapter of my source rulebook. “Infinite Advent” is a working title.


Infinite Advent is a tabletop fantasy role-playing game with several breaks from traditional staples of the genre:

  • There aren’t specific character classes (like Fighter, Wizard or Cleric). However, archetypical characters like those classes can be developed if the player chooses.
  • Character development is determined by the player’s choice to explore paths and disciplines in any order or combination.
  • There is no arbitrary division in mechanics between attacks, feats, skills, proficiencies, spells, powers, rituals, saves and defenses. Read More →

ASK JASON ANYTHING: Evaluating The “Christian” Role-playing Game: Soterion

It’s a writer’s job to know a little bit about everything, and to thoroughly research anything he doesn’t know. ASK JASON ANYTHING is your opportunity to challenge Jason with a question of any kind, whether it’s scientific or religious, financial or social, political, historical. It can be something you already know, or something you’re genuinely curious to learn. You can ask trivia or knowledge or advice, and every Thursday, Jason will do his best to answer.

Today’s Question:
I am asking you to review the information presented by the game developers on this site and let me know your take on it. If legitimate, my husband and I would be very interested in it.

The game in question is “Soterion” (http://soterion.com/), which bills itself as a “Christian Role-playing Game”. The name is obviously derived from the word “soteriology”, which is the study or doctrine of salvation (in turn derived from the Greek word soteria; salvation). Soterion is being developed by a company called “Lamplight Media”.

The website’s front page describes Soterion as “an imaginary world that is full to the brim with spiritual symbolism” and promises “a Christ-centered game…a fantasy world that is not silly or hokey [and is] extremely interactive with realistic consequence and action, clearly defined heroes and villains…Biblical values, and an evangelistic message.”

The above is really two questions, and will be treated as such; particularly since my answers pull in opposite directions. Read More →