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Poorest Customer Service Ever = Worst Move Experience Ever

BoxesIf you thought moving was painful, try it sometime with an anterior wedge fracture and a herniated disc. But setting aside my own self pity for the nonce, it’s been even more fun dealing with the moving company.

As of Thursday, our move day was scheduled for Saturday. The next step in the process between them and us was they were supposed to call us Friday to tell us what time we would see them Saturday.

No call ever came.

By 4 PM Friday, Megan called the only number we had for them, where she was getting voicemail only for a lady named Gloria.

By this morning, which is our move day, we had left three messages and heard nothing back.

By 9:15 I was on the internet looking for alternate numbers to this company. I found one.

I hold for 15 minutes.

Operator: How may I direct your call?

Jason: I do not know how you may direct my call, our move day is today and we have neither seen nor heard from the movers. I have a confirmation number. I read the confirmation number.

Operator: Please hold.

I hold for ten more minutes.

Operator: It appears there was a mixup in the paperwork.

Jason: What kind of ‘mixup’?

Operator: (continuing as if he hadn’t spoken) We don’t have anyone we can dispatch today. Can I schedule something for tomorrow?

Jason: My move is today.

Operator: Well, we don’t have anyone who can be there today. Not even this evening.

Jason: Fine, schedule something for tomorrow. What kind of mixup was there?

Operator: You’ll have to call [company name]. (Note that this is who I thought I was on the phone with.) We’re just the carrier, you’ll have to take it up with the company.

Jason: Fine.

I  call the number provided, which, by the way, does not match the number we were given as a contact number.

I’m placed on hold for 10 minutes.

Dispatcher: Dispatch!

Jason: Today is our move day but we’ve neither seen nor heard from anyone.

Dispatcher: Let me transfer you to that department… (What ‘department’?)

I now hold for THIRTY MORE MINUTES before anyone picks up.

Customer Service Rep: Thank you for calling customer service, my name is ________, how may I help you today?

I attempted to demonstrate considerable restraint by keeping my tone calm and cusswords out of my vocabulary.

Jason: Our move day… is … today. We…have…not…seen…or…heard…from…our…movers. (See? I did it. Although I think some of my teeth may now be ground into a fine powder.)

Confirmation number is given.

CSR: Alright, let me call the carrier and see what’s going on with that.

The CARRIER? That’s who I was JUST on the phone with and told me to call YOU. Before I can object, though, I’m placed on hold…for FIFTEEN MORE MINUTES.

CSR: Okay, I’m going to send them an email, it seems like the line is busy. (Gee, ya think?)

I’m placed on hold again for 10 more minutes.

CSR: Sir, did you, or your wife, just call them and reschedule for tomorrow?

Jason: I just called them. I do not want to reschedule for tomorrow, but they told me there was no other option.

CSR: Let me see.

I’m placed on hold for another five minutes.

CSR: There’s no way we can get to your move today, not even later this evening.

Jason: Fine. (Even though it isn’t.)

CSR: Will that work for you?

Jason: No, but what choice do I have?

CSR: I’ll speak to my manager about getting you some compensation. The movers will be out there between 9 and 10 AM tomorrow.

You mean like they were supposed to be today? I think I’ve heard this song before.

Jason: Fine. Can we expect a call?

CSR: They’ll call you between 7 and 8 AM tomorrow morning.

You mean like they were supposed to call today?

Jason: What kind of mixup was there?

CSR: Sometimes, what happens is, if a move takes longer than it’s supposed to, it can push your move back.

Note that she didn’t say this IS what happened. What happened is they LOST our paperwork for the move, but she doesn’t want to admit that. So instead I get this “sometimes what happens is…”

Jason: If that’s what happened, we should have been called and informed immediately.

CSR: I agree, sir, but all I can do now is apologize.

Jason: Fine. I’m angry, but thank you for your help.

Our paperwork from the move company arrived in the mail. Scheduled move date on the form?

Today. August 8th.

I can see it, but I can’t touch it.

I wasn’t simply trying to wallow in self-pity and defeat. (Though that’s fun, too.)

I’m genuinely frustrated. Because I can write.

Or to be more precise, I can articulate. Whether speaking or writing, even arbitrating between two opposed parties, I can clarify what is meant, distinguish the particulars of intricate concepts, et cetera.

How does that skill translate into becoming, through and through, a storyteller? How does one go from brickmason to architect?

Also, I’m a critic foremost. When my family went to see a movie, the first thing we’d do afterwards is pick it apart on the car ride home; love it or hate it. I was telling my buddy at work all the flaws in a particular arc of Battlestar Galactica, and he said, “Wow, I’m sorry you didn’t like it.”

Didn’t like it? Are you crazy? I loved it. But it still has gaping plot holes, continuity errors, and worse. So does Star Wars, and LOTR, and the Matrix.

But I cannot permit those imperfections to exist in my work. They must be purged with divine fire from on high.

I can identify even more subtle problems in my own work, like those mentioned in the last post. I really think Perfect Justice doesn’t work that well as a story because it’s very cold and dark without any warmth. How do I get the warmth and keep the story? I don’t know.

Woman’s Best Friend is a nice little campfire ghost story. But it has no depth. You’ll never describe it as a story that really made you think about the larger universe, examine your own life and goals. It doesn’t have that.

Fragile Gods is the worst for me right now. I can see the whole story unfolding in my head; epic battles, broken hearts, unexpected victories, the whole deal.

I can see it, but I can’t touch it. It’s ethereal, or maybe it’s just behind glass.

How do I shatter the glass?