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The day I went politely dark side.

Last week was stressful. I needed a break when I could be both un-creative and harmlessly vengeful. (Pundits have missed the point of violence in video games…it’s so we don’t act out in reality.)

Typically, I prefer light-sided Sith. Their questlines are convoluted, balancing acts of kindness with impressing their masters and hiding their secret generosity. Dark Jedi balance similar deception among their elders. The gun classes (Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Imperial Agent) are less polarized.

Dark Sith are a different animal. They’re afforded regular opportunities to be truly vicious. Normally, it’s exhausting. But sometimes you just need to play the villain. Tordethal was my first villain who pulled no punches. Weaklings and cowards who beg for mercy get receiving end of Force Lightning. *zap, crackle* Let that be a lesson to my coworkers! Yeah!

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Preview: Balance’s commander tries to learn the Sergeant’s fate.

Every Wednesday, I offer a free preview of a current project. The excerpt below is taken from Music of the Spheres.

“Sergeant, are you en route to ship?” The question was routine, but as the seconds crawled and no answer came, Captain Eckard began to worry. “Sergeant, please respond.” Silence.

It had been fifteen minutes since Balance’s report that the target had been destroyed. Maybe his communications signal was jammed. Maybe an explosion had damaged his equipment. Maybe, maybe, maybe. It was too coincidental for a technical malfunction to happen this very moment. Too convenient for the enemy. Too dangerous for Eckard’s men, and for the Dominion. Read More →

SCENE PREVIEW: Music of the Spheres

Sergeant Stephen Balance was about to commit mutiny, an act which he had never before considered possible.

It was not in his nature. You received you orders and carried them out; leave the second-guessing to officers and civilians. Yet for once, Balance was troubled to find himself hesitant to complete a mission, contemplating disobedience and rebellion. His orders were clear, precise. Even easy.

But they were wrong. Read More →

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Perfect Justice: In the future, a device now allows you to experience someone’s memories as if they were happening to you. This has a special application in the criminal justice system, where convicts are now forced to relieve their worst atrocities, but this time as the victim. But what happens when an innocent man is convicted?

Second Chances: Bad luck seems to have a vendetta against Brian; he breaks his arm, then loses his job and then his girlfriend in quick succession, and eviction won’t be far behind. But a mysterious peddler on the streets of Chicago offers to sell Brian “souls”, and with them, the chance to revisit missed opportunities, giving Brian a strange new lease on life. (And of course the first few are free.)

The Dragon Thief: In a world where dragonriders make an elite air force, an enterprising thrillseeker astonishes his companions with a plan to steal the greatest of these beasts from under his government’s nose. “Gone in 60 Seconds” on the backs of dragons, but this time the vehicle itself can turn you in — or kill you.

Manifest Destiny: Two men and two women awake in a cell, wearing only numbered jumpsuits and lacking any memories of themselves or each other. It quickly becomes evident they are products of some experiment, but were they willing subjects or unwitting captives? Is it to their advantage or detriment? And once they find their patrons, how will they react?

Echoes of Prophecy: Marana, mysteriously pregnant after the death of Torell in a world now robbed of magic, must face the implications that come with her baby boy, an inevitable target for problematic hero worship and likewise assasination.

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